Broken Arrows

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Broken Arrows
Directed by Reid Gershbein
Produced by Reid Gershbein
Written by Reid Gershbein
Starring Peter Quartaroli
Lori Petty
MacKenzie Firgens
David Fine
Kristie KIngsborough Cox
Cinematography Cliff Traiman

Broken Arrows is the name of a drama film that was released in 2007.


The plot revolves around love and the struggle over the virtues of free will versus destiny. It follows the journey of Reese, who becomes a hitman after he loses his wife and unborn child, as he confronts the forces of love, faith, and destiny. It was written, directed, and produced by Reid Gershbein, executive producer Martin Roscheisen, and stars Lori Petty, Peter Quartaroli, and Mackenzie Firgens.

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