Broken Hive Records

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Broken Hive Records
Broken Hive Records logo.png
Founder Oliver Cation
Genre Hardcore, Punk Rock
Country of origin Australia
Location Sydney
Official website

Broken Hive Records is an independent record label based in Sydney, Australia. The label caters predominantly for hardcore bands, although have released music and booked tours for bands that cross over into punk rock and metal. Broken Hive began in 2011 with the release of the 'Dream Strong' EP by Sydney band Endless Heights.[1] Since then the label has expanded to release records by many well known Australian hardcore bands, and is one of the go-to labels for fans of the hardcore genre.

Broken Hive also book shows and tours for both Australian and international bands, previous tours include Backtrack, Iron Mind, Trapped Under Ice, Xibalba, Basement, Harms Way and Endless Heights.[2]

The label achieved wider attention with the announcement of a tour for well-known American band Trapped Under Ice in 2012. As part of the tour the band would headline a new Melbourne based hardcore festival called Break The Ice. The festival, run by Broken Hive, has since become an integral part of the Australian hardcore calendar attracting hundreds of punters each year.[3]

Label Roster[edit]


  • Apart From This
  • Dreamtigers
  • Endless Heights
  • Flowermouth
  • Harbourer
  • Machina Genova
  • Marathon
  • Monuments
  • Remembering Never
  • Trainwreck


  • Civil War
  • Phantoms
  • Postblue
  • Thorns


Cat. # Artist Title Format Release Year
BHR001 Endless Heights Dream Strong EP 2011
BHR002 Thorns Thorns EP 2012
BHR003 Phantoms S.O.S 7" 2012
BHR004 Civil War Jaded Minds 7" 2012
BHR005 Endless Heights Lady Wisdom 7" 2012
BHR006 Machina Genova Weathered Heart 10" 2013
BHR007 Trainwreck Fresh Air / Dead Lungs CD 2013
BHR008 Endless Heights New Bloom CD/LP 2013
BHR009 Remembering Never This Hell Is Home LP 2013
BHR010 Harbourer Harbourer 7" 2014
BHR011 Dreamtigers Wishing Well LP 2014
BHR012 Marathon Cure LP 2014
BHR013 Legions Apparition Songs 7" 2014


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