Broken Records (record label)

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Broken Records
Broken Records logo.png
Parent company Maranatha! Music
Founded 1985
Genre Christian
Country of origin U.S.

Broken Records was a Christian rock record label founded in 1985. The label closed in the early 1990s.

Broken Records became an important label in the development of the West Coast Christian alternative music scene, paving the way for labels like Frontline. Broken Records focused primarily on modern rock, punk and new wave music. Artists signed to the label included Level Heads, The Altar Boys, The Choir, Crumbächer, The 77s, 4-4-1, Riki Michele, Adam Again and Undercover. The label was for a time run successfully by Brainstorm Artists International.

Several Broken Records bands reunited in Irvine, California on August 19, 2005 for a reunion concert. The event, which was filmed for a possible DVD release by Take 2 Productions, included performances by the Altar Boys, 4-4-1, The Choir, Crumbächer and Undercover.


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