Brokpa language

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Region Bhutan
Native speakers
5,000  (2006)[1]
Tibetan script
Language codes
ISO 639-3 sgt
Glottolog brok1248[2]

The Brokpa language (Dzongkha: དྲོཀ་པ་ཁ་; Wylie: Drok-pa-kha; also called "Brokpa", "Brokeh", "Dakpa", "Damilo", "Dap", "Drokpakay", "Jobikha", "Mera Sagtengpa", "Meragsagstengkha", "Mira Sagtengpa", and "Sagtengpa") is a Southern Tibetan language spoken by about 5,000 people mainly in Merak and Sakten Gewogs in the Sakten Valley of Trashigang District in eastern Bhutan.[3][4] Brokpa is spoken by descendants of pastoral yakherd communities.[4]

One historical Chinese name of Bhutanese, Chinese: 布鲁克巴; pinyin: bù lǔ kè bā, might be cognate to this language.[citation needed] Roger Blench has also recently named a language complex called Senge, spoken in 3 villages northwest of Dirang in West Kameng district.[5]

Dondrup (1993:3) lists the following Brokpa villages.

The 1981 census counted 1,855 Brokpa people in Arunachal Pradesh.

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