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Broodfonds (English: "Bread fund") is a Dutch organization that helps independent entrepreneurs provide sick leave. Entrepreneurs who choose to participate can join or form a group of similar people (a minimum of 20), and pay a regular amount each month; if a member falls sick, they are paid to provide for their primary needs from the group's account.


Entrepreneurs, who often cannot afford an insurance policy for sick leave, can join the Broodfonds for a fixed amount per month (between €33.75 and €67.50), on top of which they pay a one-time membership fee of €350 and an monthly fee to the organization of €10. Should they fall sick, they are paid a fixed amount (dependent on their monthly contribution) of between €750 and €1500. Since that sum is a donation, it is tax-free under Dutch tax law.[1] Paid premiums continue to belong to the member, who is repaid the money if they cancel their participation. Pieter Hilhorst, writing in de Volkskrant, described the fund as "a new kind of solidarity", in which a social network helps members cope with financial trouble.[2] Members can draw sick leave for a maximum of two years.[3]

The logistics of the plan suggest that financial risk for the group is greatest in the first years of participation. According to Tijs van den Boomen, writing in de Volkskrant, the associated costs for members are too high and the group's plan only becomes viable after five years, since the risk of illness among members in the first few years is so great that payments for sick leave are cut if the group has too many sick members before a buffer is built: individuals are better off saving money for sick leave,[4] a critique echoed by Johan Marrink, writing for ZZP Nederland (an organization for freelance workers).[5]


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