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Brookmere is located in British Columbia
Coordinates: 49°49′05″N 120°52′30″W / 49.81806°N 120.87500°W / 49.81806; -120.87500
Country  Canada
Province British Columbia
Land district Yale Land District
Regional district Thompson-Nicola
 • Type Unincorporated Settlement
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
Area code(s) 250
Highways 5

Brookmere, British Columbia is an unincorporated settlement in the Nicola Country of British Columbia. It is reached by the recently paved Coldwater Road from Merritt or from Exit 256 on the Coquihalla Highway. It can also be reached via gravel road from Aspen Grove or Tulameen.


Brookmere was founded as a divisional point on the Kettle Valley Railway and the Great Northern controlled VV&E shortly after 1916 when the KVR line was extended through the Coquihalla Pass to Hope. Because the Great Northern never operated trains as planned on the line, the VV&E facilities at Brookmere (besides the station) were never built.[1] It was originally named Otter Summit. The settlement and the nearby lake and creek that feeds the settlement's water supply were named after Harry Brook, a rancher that worked the surrounding land before World War I.

The town had many buildings from the KVR and VV&E era, such as a water tower, turntable, three stall roundhouse (replaced with a 4 stall one when an engine's boiler exploded in 1947), section house and a unique Great Northern designed station that was situated between the KVR and planned VV&E yards. Unfortunately many buildings have been lost to fire, such as the roundhouse, which consisted of a turntable and several buildings for steam engines.


The village has a few permanent residents, with the majority of the residences used as vacation or summer homes. A community water supply was built in 1998from a small dam on Brook Creek, but the water is not potable and must be boiled to prevent waterborne illnesses such as Giardia. There is no community septic system. There is a yearly Brookmere Community Meeting in the old schoolhouse where community topics are discussed. There are no services or stores in the village.


The railbed of the now defunct Kettle Valley Railway, which runs down the center of the town, is now a linear parkway and part of the Trans Canada Trail section between Hope and Princeton.

The area is also popular with ATV and motorcycle enthusiasts in summer, and snowmobiles in winter. The Coldwater Rd has been used several times as a transit section for the Mountain Trials Rally, headquartered in Merritt.


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Coordinates: 49°49′05″N 120°52′30″W / 49.81806°N 120.87500°W / 49.81806; -120.87500