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Bror With (1900—1985), born in Norway's capital Kristiania, was a mechanical engineer, inventor and industrialist. He graduated in 1925 from the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

With's best known invention is probably the Rottefella ("Rat Trap") ski binding, which he developed in 1927. After victories at the 1928 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, this binding remained the standard for cross-country skiing over the next 50–60 years.

From the autumn of 1942, With served in the Milorg World War II resistance movement, under the code name Granat-Larsen ("Grenade Larsen"). He was responsible for all weapons and their manufacture. For example, he produced about 800 units of a local variant of the Sten gun, where he showed great ingenuity in camouflaging the real purpose of the manufacture of the various parts for the gun. He had to escape to Sweden towards the end of 1944.

His last major invention was the Dromedille, which is a dinghy that combines the advantages of a planing and a displacement hull. The name came from the concept being as difficult as making a cross between a Dromedary and a Crocodile,


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