Brother John (film)

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Brother John
Brother John FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by James Goldstone
Produced by Joel Glickman
Written by Ernest Kinoy
Starring Sidney Poitier
Will Geer
Bradford Dillman
Music by Quincy Jones
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates March 24, 1971
Running time 95 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Brother John is a 1971 drama film about an enigmatic African-American man who returns to his Alabama hometown every time one of his loved ones is about to die.


His arrival into town this time is clouded by unrest at the local factory when workers seek to unionize, and local authorities wrongly suspect John as a fomenter in that cause. The suspicions of the police and Doc Thomas' son, a lawyer for the company, grow as they uncover John's passport filled with stamps of visas from the many countries that he had visited, even those that few Americans are allowed to travel to; and they realize that he speaks and writes in the different languages of the countries to which he had traveled. Only Doc Thomas suspects that John's real purpose is something else.


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