Brother Tom

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Brother Tom
Born Tomu Koyanagi
(1956-02-23) February 23, 1956 (age 58)
Maui, Hawaii, United States
Other names Thomas Akiona Akima Junior
Education Graduate of Kumagaya Industrial Senior High School
Occupation Singer
Children Shin Koyanagi (first son)
Yū Koyanagi (second son)

Brother Tom (ブラザー・トム Burazā Tomu?) (February 23, 1956 - ) is a Japanese singer and tarento. His birth name and former stage name is Tomu Koyanagi (小栁 富 Koyanagi Tomu?), though he also goes by the English-language name of Thomas Akiona Akima Junior (トーマス・アキオナ・アキマ・ジュニア Tōmasu Akiona Akima Junia?). He is the father of actors Shin Koyanagi and Yū Koyanagi.

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