Browary Lubelskie

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Type Beer
Country of origin Poland
Introduced 1846
Alcohol by volume 6.0 %

Browary Lubelskie is a Polish brewery situated in the Lublin Region. Two breweries (one in Lublin and one in Zwierzyniec) which were founded in 1846 Perła - Browary Lubelskie (Pearl - Lublin Brewery). It is available in UK, USA, Germany and Australia. Perla (Pils 5% ABV) was awarded a Bronze Medal at the International Beer Challenge BC 2010 awards in UK.


  • Perła Chmielowa (the main brand)
  • Perła Niepasteryzowana
  • Perła Export
  • Perła Mocna
  • Zwierzyniec
  • Goolman
  • Goolman Strong
  • Goolman Gold
  • Carmèll

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Coordinates: 51°14′37″N 22°34′03″E / 51.2436°N 22.5676°E / 51.2436; 22.5676