Brown Lake (Stradbroke Island)

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Brown Lake
Brown Lake (North Stradbroke Island).JPG
Location North Stradbroke Island, Queensland
Coordinates 27°29.5′S 153°25.9′E / 27.4917°S 153.4317°E / -27.4917; 153.4317Coordinates: 27°29.5′S 153°25.9′E / 27.4917°S 153.4317°E / -27.4917; 153.4317
Basin countries Australia

Brown Lake is a lake on North Stradbroke Island, in Queensland, Australia.

Known as a perched lake like other lakes on the sandy islands in the region of South-East Queensland it retains its water due to a layer of leaves lining the lake floor.[1] This is particularly apparent in the Brown Lake as tannin is exuded from the leaves, dropped from surrounding Paperbark Melaleuca and Ti-trees Leptospermum, stains the water to a rich brown colour not dissimilar to that of tea.

The Aboriginals of the Brown Lake area, the Quandamooka people, restricted the lake to 'Women's Business'.[citation needed]

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