Brownell-Talbot School

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Omaha, Nebraska
Type Independent
Motto "Fides, Scientia, Fortitudo..."
Established September 17, 1863
Headmaster Sylvia Rodriguez-Vargas
Grades Pre-School through Grade 12
Enrollment 465
Color(s) Blue and Gold
Mascot Raider
Nickname B-T

Brownell-Talbot School is an independent, co-educational, college preparatory day school located in Omaha, Nebraska. It serves students from preschool through grade 12.

The school's soccer field was featured in the 1999 film Election.


In the mid-19th century, Omaha joined progressive cities that were establishing schools for girls' education. The Episcopal Church founded Brownell Hall, an all-girls secondary boarding school three miles north of Omaha in Saratoga. It officially opened on September 17, 1863.[1] Located at present-day 400 North Happy Hollow, this private religious school was named after an Episcopal bishop of New York, and was first located in the Saratoga Springs Hotel, a defunct resort. Students came to the school from Nebraska City, Bellevue, Florence, Fontanelle, Decatur and Omaha.[2] The school moved to 16th and Jones in 1867, and in 1883 to 10th Street in downtown Omaha.[3] In 1923 it moved to a central Omaha location. It became co-educational in 1963, ending 100 years of boarding girls. In 1968, the School became independent, breaking official ties with the Episcopal Church. Today it is the oldest school in continuous operation in Nebraska.[4][5]

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