Brownsville, Illinois

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Not to be confused with the unincorporated community of the same name in White County.

Brownsville, Illinois, is a ghost town in Southern Illinois.

Brownsville, located close to a salt creek that empties into the Big Muddy River, is the former county seat of Jackson County. It is 3.25 miles due west of Murphysboro, .75 miles south of IL 149. It was abandoned because of flooding from the Big Muddy River and moved when the courthouse burned to the ground in 1843, and the county seat was then moved to Murphysboro, IL.[1][2]

Major League Baseball pitcher Lew Brockett was born in Brownsville in 1880.


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Coordinates: 37°46′17″N 89°23′03″W / 37.771406°N 89.384052°W / 37.771406; -89.384052