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Bru may refer to:


  • Bru people, an ethnic group of Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand
  • Bru or Reang, a tribe from northeast India
  • Saint Bru or Saint Brioc, a 5th-century Welsh holy man who became the first abbot of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany
  • Antonio Brú, a Theoretical physicist and permanent professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Claudio López Bru, a Catalan businessman, an immensely rich shipping magnate and landowner
  • Federico Laredo Brú, the President of Cuba from 1936 to 1940
  • Francisco Bru, a Spanish footballer, referee and manager
  • Heðin Brú, the pen name of Hans Jacob Jacobsen, a Faroese novelist and translator
  • Jon Bru, a Spanish professional road bicycle racer formerly on the UCI ProTeam
  • Jonathan Bru, a Mauritian international footballer who plays for Melbourne Victory FC in Australia
  • Jørgen Bru, a Norwegian sport shooter who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics
  • Kévin Bru, a French-born Mauritian footballer who plays for Levski Sofia
  • Luis Bru, a Spanish boxer who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics
  • Luis Ortega Bru, a Spanish sculptor and carver
  • Mosen Vicente Bru, a Spanish painter, born in Valencia
  • Myriam Bru, an actress and the wife of German actor Horst Buchholz
  • Raymond Bru, a Belgian fencer
  • Salvador Bru, a painter, born in Valencia, Spain
  • Tina Bru, a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party
  • Yannick Bru, a French rugby union coach and former footballer


  • Brû, a commune in the Vosges department in Lorraine in northeastern France
  • Brú, a farmstead and road junction in Vestur-Húnavatnssýsla county in northwestern Iceland
  • Bru, Akershus, a village in Ski municipality, Akershus county, Norway
  • Bru, Hordaland, a village in Kvam municipality, Hordaland county, Norway
  • Bru, Sogn og Fjordane, a former municipality in Flora municipality, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
  • Bru, Rogaland, an island and village in Rennesøy municipality, Rogaland county, Norway
  • Brù or Brue, a village on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland


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