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For the Irish author, see Bruce Arnold (author).

Bruce Arnold (born July 31, 1955 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA) is an American jazz guitarist, composer, educator and author residing in New York City. His explorations into the applications of 20th century classical theory in contemporary forms such as rock and jazz has created a unique compositional and improvisational sound. As a guest artist Arnold has toured Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Russia and the United States.

His performance and recording activities include work with a wide array of styles. He has played with such diverse musicians as Stuart Hamm, Peter Erskine, Joe Pass, Joe Lovano, Lenny Pickett, Randy Brecker, Stanley Clarke, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Absolute Ensemble under the baton of Kristjan Järvi.

Bruce Arnold's recording credits include over twenty five CDs and DVDs (on Muse-eek Records, MelBay Recordings, Truefire and other labels), ranging from the standard jazz repertoire to free improvisation to the reinterpretations of classical music with the ensemble Spooky Actions. His compositions are published by Muse Eek Publishing and MelBay Productions.

Mr. Arnold's theoretical works have explored the use of Pitch Class Set Theory within an improvisational setting. He has also written more than 60 music instruction books covering Guitar Pedagogy, Ear Training and Time Studies. He is the director of Guitar Studies at New York University and Princeton University as well as the creator of the New York University Summer Guitar Intensive. He has taught at the New England Conservatory, Dartmouth College, Berklee College of Music, New School University, and City College of New York.

Performance background[edit]

Mr. Arnold moved to New York City in 1988 where he became an active member of the jazz community, producing many recordings as a sideman and leader. He is one of the few electric guitarists in the world to utilize the computer program SuperCollider in both his compositions and improvisations.

His recordings as a leader include:

His recordings as a sideman include:

Mr. Arnold is a co-founding member of Spooky Actions, a jazz group which explores improvisations using classical music repertoire.

Educational background[edit]

Mr. Arnold received a BM from Berklee College of Music in 1980.

Teaching background[edit]

Mr. Arnold taught at New England Conservatory, Dartmouth College, and Berklee College of Music from 1984 to 1988. He is also on the faculty at:

Author background[edit]

Mr. Arnold is the author of more than 50 music instruction texts devoted to crucial aspects of guitar technique, music theory, ear training, time, sight reading, and the overall mastery of high-level performance skills. These books are published by Muse eek Publishing Company.

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