Bruce Silverstein Gallery

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Bruce Silverstein Gallery
Formation 2001 (2001)
Type photographic art gallery
Headquarters 535 West 24th Street
Coordinates 40°44′57.04″N 74°0′19.24″W / 40.7491778°N 74.0053444°W / 40.7491778; -74.0053444Coordinates: 40°44′57.04″N 74°0′19.24″W / 40.7491778°N 74.0053444°W / 40.7491778; -74.0053444
Bruce Silverstein

Bruce Silverstein Gallery is a photographic art gallery in the Chelsea art district in New York City. It was started in 2001 by Bruce Silverstein.[1] The gallery is a member of The Center for Arts Education (CAE)[2][clarification needed] and the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD).[3]


The gallery has exhibited works by artists including Constantin Brâncuși,[citation needed] Todd Hido,[citation needed] André Kertész,[1] Louise Nevelson,[citation needed] Aaron Siskind,[4] Trine Søndergaard,[citation needed] Zoe Strauss,[5] Joel-Peter Witkin[citation needed] and Michael Wolf.[citation needed] It has also shown work at art fairs including Art Miami[6] and Paris Photo.[7]


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