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One of Beatty's most important creations was the Order of Canada's snowflake design

Bruce W. Beatty, CM, CD, FRHSC was a Canadian graphic designer best known as being chiefly responsible for designing the emblems of the Canadian Honours System, starting with the badge of the Order of Canada in 1967. The emblem is the shape of a snowflake - just as every snowflake is different, so is every member of the Order. As of 2004, he had been in attendance at every Order investiture ceremony. Beatty was made a member of the order in 1990. In 1977 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada.

Beatty was also responsible for creating the emblem of the Order of British Columbia during the 1980s and made alterations to the Victoria Cross for the Canadian Honour System in 1993. He has lectured to the Monarchist League of Canada.

Beatty died in 2011 [1]


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