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Anton Bruckner's three early masses, Windhaager Messe, Kronstorfer Messe and Messe für den Gründonnerstag, were settings of the mass, which he composed while he was a schoolteacher's assistant in Windhaag (1841–1843) and Kronstorf (1843–1845), respectively. These masses were intentionally simple, because they were intended for the meagre resources of the local village churches.[1]

Windhaager Messe[edit]

Main article: Windhaager Messe

The Windhaager Messe in C major (WAB 25) is a Choral-Messe for alto soloist, two horns and organ, which Bruckner composed in 1842 during his stay in Windhaag.

Kronstorfer Messe and Messe für den Gründonnerstag[edit]

The Kronstorfer Messe (WAB 146) and the Messe für den Gründonnerstag (WAB 9) are two Missa brevis for mixed choir a cappella, which survive from Bruckner's next stay in Kronstorf.[1]

During this period Bruckner also sketched a Kyrie in G minor of a Missa pro Quadragesima (Mass for Lent) for mixed choir, three trombones and organ (WAB 140).[2][3]


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