Brule River (Minnesota)

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There is also a Brule River and Brule Lake which form part of the boundary between Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Michigan.
Brule River (Minnesota)
Origin Minnesota
Mouth Lake Superior
Basin countries United States

The Brule River is a river of the U.S. state of Minnesota. The Brule River originates at Vista Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and flows 40.4 miles (65.0 km)[1] east and southeast, terminating at Lake Superior approximately 14 mi (23 km) northeast of Grand Marais, Minnesota, within the boundaries of Judge C. R. Magney State Park.[2][3] A major tributary is the South Brule River, which rises at the east end of Brule Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Brule River is a name derived from the French meaning "burnt".[4]

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Coordinates: 47°49′00″N 90°03′00″W / 47.8165587°N 90.0500980°W / 47.8165587; -90.0500980[5]