Brunei–Cambodia relations

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Brunei–Cambodia relations
Map indicating locations of Brunei and Cambodia



Brunei–Cambodia relations refers to bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, Brunei and Cambodia. Brunei has an embassy in Phnom Penh, and Cambodia has an embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan.[1] Both countries cooperate in trade, education and defence.[1]


Relations between the two countries has been established since 9 June 1992.[1] In 2012, His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei attended the 21st ASEAN Summit which been held in Phnom Penh while Prime Minister Hun Sen attended the Royal Wedding of the daughter of Bolkiah, HRH Princess Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah in the same year.[1]

Economic relations[edit]

Currently, both countries have a good diplomatic relations and the President of the Cambodia's National Assembly Heng Samrin has urged Brunei to look into Cambodia's potential for trade and investment cooperation.[2] In tourism, approximately 560 Bruneians has visited Cambodia in 2012.[2] Brunei also support the development of Cambodia.[3] Both countries has signed an agreement on the rice imported in which Cambodian would export a high quality rice to Brunei.[4] Many Bruneians tourists and investors has interested to travel and doing business in Cambodia due to the peace and political stability on Cambodia in the present.[4]

Security relations[edit]

There is also a cooperation between the Royal Brunei Navy and Royal Cambodian Navy in security with both countries exchange views on the current development in the bilateral defence relations.[5][6] Brunei also assisting Cambodia in the English Language Courses which offered by the Brunei Darussalam's Ministry of Defence to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Cambodia has participated on the Brunei International Shooting Skills Arms Meet (BISAM) and the ASEAN Armies Rifles' Meeting (AARM).[6]

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