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The Brunnenburg today
Ruins of the Brunnenburg, engraving c. 1845

Brunnenburg is a castle in the province of South Tyrol, in northern Italy.


Originally built circa 1250, it was completely restored by Boris and Mary de Rachewiltz, who made it their home in the mid-20th century

Mary de Rachewiltz is the daughter of the poet Ezra Pound and the violinist Olga Rudge. Pound stayed at the castle in 1958 on his return from America and wrote the last 6 of his 116 "Cantos" of The Cantos.

Today the castle is not only home to the de Rachewiltz family, but also houses "The Ezra Pound Centre for Literature" where students come from all over the world to study the poet's works.

Schloss Brunnenburg is actually situated above the city of Meran, on the outskirts of the municipality of Tirol. The castle itself is home to the de Rachewitz family, and the large guesthouse is home to the students who come to study, usually for a semester at a time. Surrounding the castle is the family's vineyard.

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