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Bruno Aveillan
Born (1968-02-24) February 24, 1968 (age 46)
Toulouse, France
Occupation Multimedia artist/film maker

Bruno Aveillan (born in Toulouse, France) is a film maker, a photographer and a multimedia artist.

Communication art[edit]

Bruno Aveillan is one of the most distinguished and internationally sought after directors across the globe in the communication art industry. After graduating from Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Toulouse, he joined Quad Productions in Paris in 1995. Since then, he has directed award-winning short experimental movies and international commercials for clients such as Orange, Lanvin, Perrier, Louis Vuitton, Audi, Nike, Paco Rabanne, Quézac, Lexus, Guerlain, Rochas, Jaguar, Samsung, Nissan, SFR, Chanel, Time Warner, Volvo, MaxMara, Miller, Nintendo, Coca Cola, Toyota, Peugeot etc.

One of his very early spots in his directing career, Perrier "La Foule", received an avalanche of international awards. In 1999, succeeding the directors Lars von Trier and Roland Joffé, Bruno Aveillan directed the new episode in the advertising sage for CNP. Additionally, he directed the launch commercial for Lanvin perfume "Oxygène". It is during this spot that Gisele Bündchen makes her debut on screen. During his career Bruno Aveillan has also filmed world renowned stars such as Monica Bellucci, Rachel Weisz, Freida Pinto, Natalia Vodianova, Claudia Schiffer, Shalom Harlow, Amy Smart, Tina Balthazar, Sharon Stone, Catherine Hurley, Milla Jovovich, Leila Bekhti, Jessica Stam, Inna Zobova, Louise Pedersen, Julia Stegner, Estelle Lefébure, Elsa Benitez, Mylène Farmer, Morgane Dubled, Vlada Roslyakova, Sunniva Stordahl, Virginie Ledoyen, etc.

Aveillan has also directed a series of commercials for Thermasilk in which he has created and captured a unique dream and poetic world. His spot for Nissan-Infinity "Athem" was presented during the premiere of the 2002 Oscar ceremony. Alongside Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone, Aveillan has directed four commercials for the launch of the brand Orange. He has worked in collaboration with the Land Artist Nils Udo to create unique visual worlds for the perfume Mahora from Guerlain. In 2006, he also worked with fashion designer Olivier Theyskens for the launch of the new Rochas Fragrance (Starring Model Jessica Stam).

His famous commercial for Magnum, "5 senses", was directed in an experimental manner and has received international acclaim (including European Effie Award).

In 2008, Aveillan directed the first ever brand campaign for Louis Vuitton: "Where will life take you" (90" format, translated into 14 languages). This spot evokes "the soul of travel". It has received 14 international awards including 2008 Gold Clio Award, Gold Award at the 2008 London International Awards, Epica, Cristal. The music was composed by Gustavo Santaolalla.

In 2009, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre had a retrospective of his work within their major exhibition devoted to cinema in advertising.

In 2010, he shot the campaign for Shangri-La that metaphorically presents a philosophy imbued by generosity and humanism. This spot and tells the story of a man who has been adopted and saved by wolves. In 2011, Swarovski enlisted directly Aveillan to create a cinema short movie that would conjure Swarovski’s more than one-hundred-year heritage on the big screen.

In beginning of 2012, the House of Cartier announced the international release of its new "L'Odyssee de Cartier,” a three-and-one-half minute film directed by Bruno Aveillan. The short film, which chronicles Cartier's 165 year history, was first screened at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on 29 February 2012. This film has been seen by 180 million viewers around the globe and has received more than 40 gold awards, notably a Golden Lion in Cannes.[citation needed]

In 2013, Aveillan's photographic and Art work was published in the prestigious VICTOR Book edited by Hasselblad, along artists and phototographers like Alec Soth, Steve McCurry or David Hockney.

In 2013 Bruno Aveillan was developing a feature film project with Universal, a modern fairy tale based on the Cinderella story, with Ann Peacock as a writer.[1]

Aveillan supports the action of NGO such as Reporters without Borders, Paralympic games and the Food bank for whom he has shot several films. He's also an ambassador of The Heart Fund


Bruno Aveillan has won a multitude of awards and many of his visual signature have become a reference for cinematographic brilliance.

  • From 1995 to 2013, the awards include: Gold Lion Cannes, AEAF, Gold Clio Awards, Golden Globe New York, Grand Prix Stratégie, Art Director Club (France, UK, Italy, Germany), Gold London International Awards, Gold AdFest, TV Gold ADDY's, Gold New York Festival, Toucan d'Or, Art & Technology award, EuroEffies, Ad Masters, European Film Cristal, Gold Eurobest, Ars Electronica, Gold Epica, Grand prix and Gold Mobius award, Gold Werbefilmpreis, Golden award of Montreux, Siggraph, Gold Spike Awards, etc.
  • Bruno Aveillan is the only director who has twice won the Grand Prix Imagina award in 1998 (Perrier La Foule) and in 2003 (GDF Dolce Vita).
  • 2000, "Best Director of the year" in France CB News magazine
  • 2003, "Director on TOP" Boards magazine.
  • 2004, he was classified among the five best French advertising film directors, (Lürzer'z Archive)
  • 2005, The experimental film "MINOTAUR-EX" by Bruno Aveillan, with the Dance Company 'Cave Canem' received the prize of exceptional work and the Grand Prix of the public in the "Clays" Festival 2005. He was also jury finalist at the "Dance One Camera Festival 2007 of New York" and selected at the "Silverlake Festival of Los Angeles".
  • 2009, he was classified among the three best French advertising film directors of the decade (Lürzer'z Archive)
  • 2012, Aveillan received an Outstanding Merit Award at the Cristal Festival in Crans Montana

Contemporary art[edit]

As a visual artist, Aveillan has developed his art in a singular, dense and syncretical manner, which encompasses experimental films and personal photographs. The central reoccurring themes of effacement, memory and the human body play a major role in his work. His art work has been frequently exhibited and has won many festival awards. Aveillan regularly collaborated with the choreographer Philippe Combes (Company Cave Canem) and directed several experimental short films on the subject of dance, gesture and the body. His film “Minotaur-Ex” with original music composed by Laurent Garnier, the project “Morpholab” with the composer Raphael Ibanez de Garayo. In 2008 and 20098, Aveillan had two large personal photographic exhibitions entitled “DIOTOPES #1 and DIOTOPES #2 at the Galerie Léo Scheer in Paris which included a 10 minute shortfilm (music by Raphael Ibanez de Garayo). A book dedicated to this work was published by Editions Léo Scheer in the collection “Janvier” that also represents the work of contemporary artists Claude Lévêque, Thomas Lélu and Edouard Levé. On his website, the publisher Léo Scheer commented, “ Like Doug Aikten, Bruno Aveillan is part of the generation of multimedia artists whose approach unveils a permanent quest for a diversifications of supports».


As a multimédia artist, Aveillan's body of work ranges from photography, experimental movies, video works, and installations. Aveillan's work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions.

  • 2002, Parcours 21. Galerie Pin-up Paris.
  • 2004, Autoportraits. Galerie Pin-up Paris.
  • 2006, Silver Lake Film Festival. Los Angeles.
  • 2007, DFA's 35th. Dance Film Association Inc. New York.
  • 2007, Independent Film Show 2007. EM Arts Naples.
  • 2007, Dance for the Camera. Film Society of Lincoln Center New York.
  • 2007, Hustler of culture. Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Chicago.
  • 2007, DIAF 2007. International Arts Festival Dehli.
  • 2007, ROMP !. Suddenly Dance Theatre Victoria BC.
  • 2007, DKF Muranow. Wprost i Kultura Varsovie.
  • 2009, 1968–2008, 40 ans de films publicitaires à la télévision. Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris-Louvre.
  • 2010, Parcours céramique - La scène française contemporaine. Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris-Louvre.
  • 2011, CUTLOG, International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris.
  • 2011, THE OTHERS, International Contemporary Art Fair, Turin.
  • 2012, OFF BRUSSELS, International Contemporary Art Fair, Brussels.
  • 2012, CUTLOG, International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris.
  • 2013, CUTLOG NYC, International Contemporary Art Fair, New York.
  • 2013, CUTLOG, International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris.
  • 2014, CUTLOG NYC, International Contemporary Art Fair, New York.
  • 2008, DIOTOPES. Galerie Léo Scheer Paris.
  • 2008, DIOTOPES II. Galerie Léo Scheer, Paris.
  • 2010, MNEMO#LUX. Camera Work Gallery, Berlin.
  • 2011, FASCINATIO - FULGURATIO. Galerie spree, Paris.
  • 2012, LUMIERES, IMPRESSIONS. Festival Visa Off, Perpignan (Guest Honnor).
  • 2012, BOLSHOI UNDERGROUND. Galerie Spree, Paris.
  • 2013, ACETATE SPIRIT. Galerie Spree, Paris.
  • 2014, BOLSHOI UNDERGROUND & ALTRE STORIES. Galeria Centro Steccata, Milano.



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