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Bruno Fevery is a Belgian guitarist currently playing in Vista Chino, formerly known as Kyuss Lives!, a spinoff band featuring three former members of American stoner rock band Kyuss.[1] The band has been touring since 2011 and planning to release a new album in the future.[2] He previously played with ex-Kyuss vocalist John Garcia in his project Garcia Plays Kyuss.[3]

While a member of Arsenal, Fevery met John Garcia when the ex-Kyuss singer recorded guest vocals on two songs for the Belgian band's Lotuk album. Fevery told Garcia that he used to play in a Kyuss tribute band as a teenager. This familiarity with Kyuss' music made him an obvious choice to replace Josh Homme when Garcia decided to attempt to resurrect Kyuss.


  • Helmut Lotti - Out of Africa (1999)
  • Helmut Lotti - "Shosholoza" Single (1999)
  • Arsenal - Outsides (2005)
  • Stash - Blue Lanes (2007)
  • Baloji - Hotel Impala (2007)
  • Arsenal - Outsides EP (2007)
  • Arsenal - De Poolreizigers (2007)
  • Les Talons Gitans - L′amour sans pédales (2007)
  • Arsenal - Lotuk (2008)
  • Monza - Attica! (2008)
  • Meuris - Spectrum (2010)
  • Les Talons Gitans - Vieil Indien (2010)
  • Arno - Brussld (2010)
  • Arsenal - Lokemo (2011)
  • Vista Chino - Peace (2013)