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Bruno Gideon is a Swiss-Canadian author and entrepreneur.

He grew up in a Jewish family during World War II in a farming village in Switzerland, close to the German border.[citation needed]

As a young man he worked at various jobs throughout Europe–a busboy in Rome, a waiter in France, a hotel clerk in Zurich, Switzerland. Later he decided to go into business for himself and built three multi-million dollar companies from the ground up. His business ventures included a successful wholesale discount chain called Cash and Carry, a convenience store chain, PickPay, and Switzerland’s first computer store, Microspot.[citation needed]

Gideon has written nine books that focus on personal growth and entrepreneurship which all draw from his personal experiences. Altogether he has sold over 100,000 copies throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States.[citation needed] He writes a weekly newsletter called Bruno’s "Minute" that explores motivational topics related to personal growth.

In 1997 Bruno immigrated to Toronto, Canada. He is fluent in English, German and French.[citation needed]

Books by Bruno Gideon[edit]

Wet Behind the Ears The Adventures of an Entrepreneur the 7 Essential Lessons Learned

Wet Behind the Ears is an autobiography.

Don't Take No for an Answer! 5 Proven Steps That Will Get You to Yes

Not at My Expense Six Steps to a New, Successful You

Not at My Expense is the story of how Bruno Gideon overcame low self-confidence.

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