Bruno Gmünder Verlag

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Bruno Gmünder Verlag
Company with limited liability
Industry Books, Publishing
Founded 1981
Founder Bruno Gmünder, Christian von Maltzahn
Area served
Key people
Frank Zahn
Michael Taubenheim
Products Books

Bruno Gmünder Verlag is a German company and a book publishing house which specializes in LGBT fiction and non-fiction books as well as photo and art books for the gay community.


The Bruno Gmünder publishing house was founded in Berlin in 1981 by Bruno Gmünder and Christian von Maltzahn. Today, with approximately 80 permanent employees, numerous freelance staff and annual sales of €9 million, the group is a global market leader in gay media, which releases up to 150 new titles per year.

With numerous publications (including magazines such as Männer) that encompass film, photography, travel, comics, fiction and nonfiction, the Bruno Gmünder publishing house offers a great variety of subjects to the worldwide gay community. The Spartacus International Gay Guide is one of the most important books published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag, currently selling over 65,000 copies per issue. It is the best-selling gay travel book in the world.

In January 2012 Bruno Gmünder Media released its first digital products such as eBooks and the Spartacus App for iPhone. The digital edition of the gay guide provides with the access to the entirety of the Spartacus International Gay Guide while on the road. There are three versions available on the Apple App Store (iOS): "Europe", "The World excluding Europe" and "Worldwide". A free trial version is available as well.

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