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Bruno Polius (8 May 1958) or Bruno Polius-Victoire is a French singer. In the 1970s he was the lead-singer/soloist of the boyband Les Poppys.

Although the line-up of Les Poppys changed several times Bruno was the lead-singer on the bands largest hit Non-Non Rien na change.[1]

Bruno also recorded several records as solo-artist, mainly during the same years as his membership of Les Poppys (see below)

Records (selection)[edit]

As a solo-artist he recorded the following singles[1][2]

  • Rosanna
  • Hey l'Homme (1973)
  • Au Revoir Mama / Il faut que tu reviennes (1974)
  • Un Martiniquais, une Polonaise *1976)

Record selection Les Poppys[edit]

As main-singer of the boyband Les Poppys Bruno recorded the following singles[1][2][3][4]

  • Noël 70 (1970)
  • Love, lioubov, amour (1970)
  • Non, je ne veux pas faire la guerre... (1970)
  • Isabelle, je t'aime (1970)
  • Non, non, rien n'a changé (1971)
  • Non, ne criez pas... (1971)
  • Des chansons pop (1971)
  • L'Enfant do (1972)
  • Liberté (1972)
  • Il faut une fleur pour faire le monde (1976)
  • Visite (1980), with Lenny Kuhr


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