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The home of Bruno Weber
This article is about the artist. For doctor, see Bruno Weber (doctor).

Bruno Weber (10 April 1931 – 24 October 2011) was a Swiss artist and architect, specializing in fantastic realism.[1]


Early life[edit]

Bruno Weber was born in 1931 in Dietikon, Switzerland. In 1947, he completed college in Zürich under Johannes Itten, the founder of chromatics. Afterwards he began training until 1949 as a lithographer with Orell Fuessli (Zürich); later he studied in Italy, Greece and Czechoslovakia.


Weber extended his sculpture gardens in Spreitenbach and Dietikon, where among other things, his house with a 25m high tower is situated. The park extends over a surface of 20'000 m². The sculpture park is the synthesis of the artist's life work, and is visited annually by thousands of people. [2] From 1991 to 2003 Weber was responsible for the space configuration on the Uetliberg, which still stands. [clarification needed]

Weber co-operated with Zürich architect Justus Dahinden, making sculptures for buildings in Dahinden, Vienna and Zürich. [clarification needed]

He discovered his passion for three-dimensional sculptures after thirty years of painting. On the basis of his paintings, development can be recognized contrary to his sculptures, which orients itself to Cézanne and Gubler. [clarification needed]


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