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Symnols of Bruntál.

Bruntal Coat of Arms[edit]

Bruntal Coat of Arms

An azure (name used for blue colour in heraldry) shield is a background of the coat of arms. It consists of a valley surrounded by two rocks (coloured argent) wooded by vert (name used for green colour in heraldry) trees. There is an adit located in the rock on the right. A miner wearing a sable (name used for black colour in heraldry) coat, sable cap and argent trousers stands on a vert grass in the middle of the valley. He represents a charge of the coat of arms. We can see him holding a gad in his left hand lying over his left shoulder, he is also holding a moil in his right hand. Both the gad and the moil are coloured proper (name used for natural colour in heraldry).

The first appearance of Bruntal coat of arms is dated back to 1287 when the coat of arms containing a charge of a miner was published as a part of a document. The charge depicts a miner to commemorate mining in surroundings of Bruntal. Also the adit placed in the rock follows the same purpose. This mining took a place from the 13th to the 17th century. Gold, silver and iron ores were mined in surroundings of Bruntal. The valley is a result of an original German name of Bruntal which is Freudenthal and where the second part of the name “thal” means “a valley” in German.

Bruntal Flag[edit]

Bruntal Flag

It consists of a black triangle, white chevron, and blue field. The black triangle is placed in the hoist (adjacent to a flagpole) and it reaches to the middle of the field. The blue field is placed in the fly. The blue field and the black triangle are divided by the white chevron, which has its top in ¾ of length of the flag. The width of the chevron is ¼ of the flag width. Flag ratio is 2:3.

Bruntal Colours[edit]

Bruntal Flag

The official colours of Bruntal are black, white, and blue. The official tricolor of Bruntal consists of colours mentioned earlier. The order of colours in the tricolor is as follows black at the top, white in the middle, and blue at the bottom.

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