Brutal Assault

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Brutal Assault
Brutal Assault 2012 main stages.jpg
View of the main stages in 2012
Location(s) Czech Republic
Years active 18
Founded by Vladan, Martin Brzobohatý a.k.a. Shindy, Tomáš Fiala[1]
Date(s) August
Genre Extreme metal, death metal, black metal, doom metal, thrash metal, power metal, pagan metal, grindcore, hardcore, metalcore

Brutal Assault is an extreme metal open-air music festival that takes place in an 18th-century army fortress (Josefov Fortress) in Jaroměř, Czech Republic. It takes place each August, traditionally on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at the beginning of the month. The festival was started in 1996, and it features mostly grindcore music. For many years, it was a small show with mainly local Czech and Slovak bands performing. It changed location several times and grew into a major event in 2006, when over 7,000 people came to that year's event in Svojšice. After moving to Josefov, the attendances grew further to 15,000 in 2012.[2]

Brutal Assault operates a two stage system, with music on one concert stage starting within minutes after the end of a performance on the other stage. Sometimes, a body modification group from Prague performs their "Hell Show" at Brutal Assault.[citation needed] The festival motto is: "Against violence and intolerance".[citation needed]


The inside of the huge fortress resembles a miniature city.

Brutal Assault takes place in Josefov, an imperial army fortress built from 1780 to 1787 by Emperor Joseph II on the left bank of the Elbe and Mettau rivers near Jaroměř. The two concert stages are built against the outer walls of this huge fortress. The fortress features extensive, three-story deep underground corridors formed in cretaceous rock, creating a labyrinth running for 45 kilometres (28 mi).[citation needed]

The approximate capacity of the current location of Brutal Assault is 15,000 visitors. The change of location was a controversial issue with the organizers for several reasons. The historical fort is a unique place for performing extreme metal music and, more importantly, it is a much appreciated bonus for the performing bands. In comparison, many other rock or metal festivals in Europe take place on a field or an airport. The bands actually have part of their backstage area inside the fortress. Also, the political representatives of Josefov and Jaroměř have reacted very positively to the presence of the music festival, as have most of the local inhabitants.[citation needed] The festival provides an enormous economic opportunity for a couple of days each year.


Stealing from the tents and bodies of drunk visitors is common at Brutal Assault.[citation needed] Guests are advised to keep their valuables in a safe places (e.g. deposit boxes provided by the festival organizers for a fee, locked inside the trunk of a car, etc.).

The festival area at Brutal Assault in Josefov is near a hill, which can be difficult to navigate. Nicknamed "the hill of death", it becomes muddy and slippery after rain.[citation needed] The hill can be walked around, however, and the site is fully accessible to the handicapped.

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