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Bryn McAuley, born in 1989, is a voice actress whose roles have included Caillou on the television series of the same name, Nannerl and Pumperl in Wunderkind Little Amadeus, Anne Shirley in "Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series", Sam in Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs, Gina Lash in Angela Anaconda, Skye Blue in Carl², Harriet in Franklin, Oyster in Toad Patrol, a guest star appearance voicing Petra the Hedgehopper in Cyberchase episode 707: Spellbound. She currently voices Laney Penn in the Cartoon Network/Teletoon cartoon, Grojband. She also voices Suzi in the cartoon, Camp Lakebottom. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has also done Becky Lopez in George Shrinks. McAuley graduated from Vaughan Road Academy. She is set to voice twins Amy and Samey in the upcoming Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.[1]

In February 2013, McAuley performed in a hit play called "Claire from the Bus", written and directed by Kjartan Hewitt.


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