Buada Constituency

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Buada Constituency is one of the constituencies of Nauru. It returns two members from Buada to the Parliament of Nauru in Yaren.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Seat 1
Member Term Party
Totouwa Depaune 1968–1971 Non-partisan
Ruben Kun 1971–1992 Non-partisan
Tamaiti Star 1992–1995 Non-partisan
Ruben Kun 1995–2000 Non-partisan
Terangi Adam 2000–2007 Non-partisan
Shadlog Bernicke 2007–present Non-partisan
Seat 2
Member Term Party
Vinson Detenamo 2000–2004 Non-partisan
Roland Kun 2004–present Nauru First

Coordinates: 0°31′59″S 166°55′01″E / 0.533°S 166.917°E / -0.533; 166.917