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Bubblegum Splash! is a post-C-86 indie pop band from Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK signed to notable Bristol based independent label The Subway Organisation. Formed during 1986 by Jim Harrison (guitar), Marty Cummins (tambourine), Nikki Barr (vocals), Dave Todd (bass), and Alan Harrison (drums), the band scored a national independent chart hit with their Splashdown EP during August 1987, reaching Number 28 in the NME listings, while achieving Number 15 in the Melody Maker chart with the same release.[1] During the same year Bubblegum Splash! appeared on a split flexi disc with Welsh indie band The Darling Buds given away with So Naive fanzine. The band also appeared on two compilation releases from The Subway Organisation as well as a Cherry Red compilation release from 2010. Most recently the band have appeared on Scared to get Happy, a five cd box set covering the history of British indie pop from 1980 to 1990, released by Cherry Red during June 2013 (see recent Guardian review including Bubblegum Splash!).[2] Bubblegum Splash! disbanded in 1988. Moody and Nash credit the band with kickstarting a local independent music scene which spawned international success for The Badgeman, The Mayfields, Mad Cow Disease, and The Nuthin's, as well as Jane from Occupied Europe (band) - a band formed from the ashes of Bubblegum Splash! in 1988 by Todd and the two (unrelated) Harrisons.[3]



  • "Splashdown Ep" (The Subway Organisation - 1987) Sold 2,000
  • "If Only" (flexi disc with "So Naive" fanzine - shared release with The Darling Buds - Dec 1987)

Compilation Appearances[edit]

  • "Surfin' in The Subway" - lp, featuring "18.10 To Yeovil Junction" - (Subway, 1987)
  • "Take The Subway to Your Suburb" cd, (Subway - 1993)
  • "The Best of The Subway Organisation"cd, (Cherry Red - 2009)
  • "Scared to get Happy" 5 cd box set (Cherry Red - 2013)


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