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Buc Wheats was a boxed breakfast cereal produced by General Mills from 1971 into the early 1980s. The cereal consisted of toasted flakes of wheat (originally also with buckwheat) with a sweet maple-flavored glaze baked onto them. Late in its production, the maple glaze was replaced with a honey glaze, which was derided by customers. It may have contributed to its cancellation about 1982.[1]

Nutritional value[edit]

According to the 1970s cereal boxes, Buc Wheats cereal was highly nutrient and contain 100% of the minimum daily requirements for vitamins and iron.[2]


Buc Wheats cereal can be compared to corn flakes mixed with buckwheat. They had the appearance of bran flakes having the same color and texture but they were lighter in weight like corn flakes. Instead of being covered in sugar like frosted flakes are, Buc Wheat cereal was coated in maple syrup, giving it a unique flavor. Later on in the production of Buc Wheats, General Mills replaced the original maple glaze with a new honey coating. The new Buc Wheat were said to taste like a sweet and sticky bowl of Wheaties. Most consumers did not like the new Buc Wheat cereal.[2]


The only problem with the glaze is that sometimes the cereal would clump up together in the cereal box. There have been reports stating that the cereal may have been originally produced by the Ralston Purina Company and when General Mills purchased Ralton's cereal line in 1994 Buc Wheats had disappeared from the grocery stores. However, it is highly unlikely that Ralston originally produced this cereal.[2]


In 1974, Steve Karmen who was a New York composer, produced a catchy little song for Buc Wheats titled, "Feelin' Like A Million Bucks".[2]

Television commercial plots[edit]

  • Water mill grinds grains, then a man eats Buc Wheats
  • Man in Vermont cabin says product has a maple syrup flavor
  • Wife serves Buc Wheats to her husband
  • Man getting maple syrup from trees eats cereal[2]


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