București Mall

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Bucureşti Mall
Bucharest mall christmas.jpg
Location Bucharest, Romania
Opening date 1999
Owner Anchor Group
No. of stores and services 140
Total retail floor area 38,000 m2 (410,000 sq ft)[1]
No. of floors 5
Parking 2,000 underground & deck

The Bucureşti Mall is a shopping mall located in Bucharest, Romania, close to the Dudeşti and Văcăreşti neighbourhoods. At the time of its completion it was the first shopping mall in Romania.[2]

Located on Calea Vitan approximately 1 km outside Bucharest's historic center, the four-story, 50,000 m2 (540,000 sq ft) mall opened in 1999, in a Ceauşescu-era abandoned hunger circus, or giant food warehouse, in an area largely shaped during the Communist period (see Ceaușima).



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Coordinates: 44°25′13.04″N 26°7′35.53″E / 44.4202889°N 26.1265361°E / 44.4202889; 26.1265361