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Theosphical teachings have borrowed some concepts and terms from Buddhism. Theosophical writers have also interpreted some Buddhist teachings in unorthodox ways. Some theosophists like Blavatsky, Helena Roerich and Henry Steel Olcott also became Buddhists. Henry Steel Olcott helped shape the design of the Buddhist flag. Theosophy truly has no place in Buddhism as traditionally the study of theosophy was fitted to European traditions and religions and most of Buddhism's constructs.

Tibetan Buddhism was popularised in the West at first mainly by theosophists like: Evans-Wentz, Alexandra David-Neel.

Blavatsky sometimes compared Theosophy to Mahayana Buddhism. In The Key to Theosophy she writes:

"But the schools of the Northern Buddhist Church…teach all that is now called Theosophical doctrines, because they form part of the knowledge of the initiates..."[1]

Voice of the Silence[edit]

Zen Buddhism scholar Dr. D. T. Suzuki wrote about Blavatsky's book The Voice of the Silence: "Undoubtedly Madame Blavatsky had in some way been initiated into the deeper side of Mahayana teaching and then gave out what she deemed wise to the Western world..."(Eastern Buddhist, old series, 5:377) He also commented: "Here is the real Mahayana Buddhism." (The Middle Way, August 1965, p. 90.)

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