Buddy's Song (film)

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Buddy's Song
Buddys song film poster uk.jpeg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Claude Whatham
Produced by Roger Daltrey
Bill Curbishley
Roy Baird
Ron Bareham
Written by Nigel Hinton
Starring Chesney Hawkes
Roger Daltrey
Distributed by Vidmark Entertainment
Columbia TriStar Home Video
Release dates
March 1, 1991 (UK)
Running time
102 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Buddy's Song is a 1991 British film starring Chesney Hawkes, Roger Daltrey, Sharon Duce and Michael Elphick, Based on the novel of the same name by Nigel Hinton.[1]

The film is a dramatic comedy featuring a 17 year old boy, Buddy Clark (Chesney Hawkes), who is determined to make it as a pop star, aided by his father Terry (Roger Daltrey). He struggles with young love, estranged parents and the problems associated with making it in the music business.

The film was accompanied by a soundtrack album which featured Hawkes' hit "The One and Only". It was filmed in London and various towns in the Thames Valley.

The film was a sequel to the 1986 BBC television series Buddy, which starred Daltrey in the same role (it featured Wayne Goddard as Buddy, however). Daltrey, Bill Curbishley and Roy Baird acted as producers for the film and Daltrey also served as musical director. The film was released with a 12 certificate in cinemas[2] and was re-rated PG with cuts made to tone down the nudity, on VHS as the 12 certificate was not available on home video in the UK at the time.

The film was released on VHS in 1991 with the music video of The One and Only performed by Chesney Hawkes and an exclusive interview with Hawkes as special features. The film has never been released on DVD.


Buddy Clark and his father Terry went to see live Rock n' Roll at a hotel. Terry met Des King in the car park who paid him to keep a briefcase in his car which Buddy was sure was stolen. Buddy's mother Carol arrived then Buddy attempted to get his estranged parents to talk. Buddy moved the briefcase of jewellery back into Des' Jaguar then he told Terry when he was going to move his Vauxhall. Terry feared that the police were going to look in Des' car first so he got the briefcase but the police caught him in the act and he went to prison.

Buddy spent his free time practicing the guitar and polishing his father's car. Des King visited and offered Carol an envelope of cash but she refused to take it. Buddy visited his father in prison after his mother convinced him. Whilst talking to his friend Julius Buddy noticed his mother was seeing her boss Adrian Mandell a lot. Buddy recorded a tape of himself playing the guitar for his father and he suggested going into music but Carol wanted Buddy to concentrate on his school work. Terry was released on parole two weeks later and Des King gave them a lift home. They saw that Des had Terry's house redecorated where he gave Terry the cash Carol refused. Terry got Carol to move back in but rows later arose between them. Terry got an electric guitar and an amplifier along with a keyboard for Buddy and a camcorder for himself which gave him the idea of advertising to film weddings in the local newspaper.

Terry resigned from his job at the bookmaker and stated working for Des King at his breakers yard. Terry then arranged to have Buddy play with a band of middle aged men called the Hi-Tones who recently lost their singer and they performed gigs at the wedding receptions Terry filmed. Terry went to party at Carol's office where he met her boss. This led to Buddy's parents having a row at home. When Terry tried to help Carol after she dropped a milk bottle she said she did not need him and he left.

Terry moved into the caravan at the breakers yard where Buddy visited him. Meanwhile Julius found a band and Buddy played with them at the milk depot. Buddy joined Glenn the milkman along with Mike and Jason and Julius became their manager and tambourine player. Buddy went to a Teddy boy pub to perform with the Hi-Tones where Terry met a young woman named Dawn then a fight broke out after Terry unplugged the jukebox. Terry and the band along with Dawn left in the van. In the morning Buddy was angered to find Dawn in the caravan with Terry and walked off. Terry caught up with him where they argued and Buddy told him he was now in his own band. The band who called themselves the Hurt performed at youth clubs. After seeing them perform Terry met with the band backstage. He advised them to make him the manager to help them get to the top fearing that no record company would do a deal with someone of Jules' age. The band agreed.

On their first gig with Terry as their manager they performed at the Manhattan Club where the sound system failed. Terry got them a studio session and arranged a tour where they performed fourteen gigs in fourteen days. As they discussed it Terry told Buddy that he did like Dawn a lot but did not love her. On the tour the band discovered that Terry had renamed it the Wild Ones as he never liked the Hurt. When they got back Buddy went to see his girlfriend Elaine but was disgusted to find Glenn alone in the house with her. At band practice Glenn apologised and Buddy forgave him though he did not want Elaine back.

At the breakers yard Terry filmed a music video for the band's song Nothing Serious and handed the tape to the video editor Donald to be dubbed and cut. Terry found a note on the caravan door that read 'Get stuffed' from Dawn then heard a howl of pain from the office. Terry found two men attacking Des and managed to shift them off him but got stabbed. Buddy telephoned his mother and she joined him at the hospital to see Terry. At band practice Julius who temporarily replaced Terry got Kelly, who Buddy fancied, to help get the single for Nothing Serious in the shops and radio stations and request it on the radio.

When Terry got out of hospital he got in touch with Bobby Rosen at Mammoth Records who liked the record and the music video so they went to the studio. After a recording session Bobby spoke to the band in private in the booth but Terry heard on the speakers. Bobby told them they would have to change the name of the band and they would have to go without Terry because he was inexperienced and had a criminal record. Buddy caught up with his father who advised him to go back and sign with them. The rest of the band came along and Terry told them he was going to concentrate on the videos with Donald. Julius told Terry that if he had them under a contract when he took over management he would have screwed money out of him for compensation. This gave Terry the idea of getting money for a new video studio called Video King.

At the opening ceremony of Video King Buddy invited his parents to a meal for his birthday. Carol suggested a new Italian restaurant and they went with Kelly. The film ends with Terry arriving at the restaurant in style.


Actor Role
Chesney Hawkes Buddy Clark
Roger Daltrey Terry Clark
Sharon Duce Carol Clark
Michael Elphick Des King
Douglas Hodge Bobby Rosen
Paul McKenzie Julius
Lee Ross Jason
Nick Moran Mike
Colin Peel Glenn
James Aubrey Adrian
Liza Walker Elaine
Emma Amos Dawn
Julia Sawalha Kelly
Billy Murray Harry


Eleven songs from the film were released on CD and vinyl in 1991. The album is known as The One and Only in the United States. It has since been released on downloads in the UK. Three singles from the album were released The One and Only, I'm a Man Not a Boy and Secrets of the Heart.

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