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Buddy Spicher (born July 28, 1938 in DuBois, PA; pronounced “Spiker”) is an American fiddle player.

Spicher started in the late 50s as part of the backing band for Audrey Williams, the widow of Hank Williams, later with Hank Snow, Ray Price, and the Charles River Valley Boys. Spicher became a Nashville-based session musician, backing the likes of Bob Dylan.[1] He was also one of the band members of Area Code 615 with other Nashville sessions musicians and Asleep at the Wheel.

Buddy can be heard playing the fiddle (“vioin” in the credits on the record jacket) on Christian singer Don Francisco's 1977 album Forgiven. Most of the tracks feature the fiddle, including the Dove-award winning “He's Alive”.[2]

He joined producers Randall Franks and Alan Autry for the In the Heat of the Night cast CD “Christmas Time’s A Comin’” performing on the title track with the cast on the CD released on Sonlite and MGM/UA for one of the most popular Christmas releases of 1991 and 1992 with Southern retailers. He also shared his talents on the feature performance of “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella” by late TV legend Carroll O'Connor. He can also be heard on Amarillo By Morning. He has a brother, Bobby, who also is a musician.


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