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Not to be confused with Buddy Williams (jazz drummer).
Buddy Williams
Buddy Williams.JPG
Bust of Buddy Williams, Bicentennial Park, Tamworth, NSW.
Background information
Birth name Harry Taylor
Also known as The Yodelling Jackaroo
Born 5 September 1918
Died 12 December 1986
Genres Country music
Occupation(s) Singer/songwriter, yodeller, travelling showman, rodeo rider, bushman, horseman
Instruments Guitar
Labels Private Recordings (1935), EMI (1939–1964) RCA (1964–1986)

Harold "Buddy" Williams (5 September 1918 – 12 December 1986)[1] was an Australian country musician, singer and songwriter, known as "The Yodelling Jackaroo". Williams was the first Australian to record country music in Australia, three years after the New Zealander Tex Morton made his first recording in Australia. Buddy Williams recorded his own songs about life and times in the Australian bush. It was with Buddy Williams that the Bush Ballad was first born.


Williams was born Harry Taylor[1] in the suburb of Newtown, Sydney and was soon placed in Glebe Point Orphanage. After many failed escape bids as a child, he was soon fostered out as a young boy to a dairy farming family at Dorrigo on the north coast of New South Wales. It soon became apparent that rather than looking for a new child to bring up, they were more interested in an unpaid labourer. This was not uncommon in the depression and post depression era where rural child slavery was a fact of life. Times were hard and life on the farm was tough for the young Williams, but it also allowed freedom he never had in the orphanage. He was soon listening to the recordings on an old Gramophone of his favourite singers such as Jimmie Rodgers and soon fell in love with this new music that was to become known as country music. At 15 he ran away from his foster home working for other families in the district. He worked at many jobs and started busking around the north coast of NSW, dodging the Police who frowned upon such activities.

Buddy Williams made his first recordings in 1938, a private process disk. The two songs recorded at this historic session were " Where The Jacarandas Bloom", and "They Call Me The Clarence River Yodeller". The latter song was re worked and called "They Call Me The Ramblin' Yodeller" and recorded during his first EMI session on 7 September 1939. These two long lost recordings were later released on a Kingfisher Records collection in the early 1990s as part of an early Buddy Williams catalogue re release. This re release is no longer available.

Buddy Williams first sang professionally in 1936 at the Grafton Jacaranda Festival in northern N.S.W. He also did a guest spot on Grafton's radio station 2GF at the time. He left the town of Grafton, NSW and busked his way down the N.S.W. coast before turning up on the doorstep of EMI records in Sydney asking for an audition. He eventually did get the audition and as they say, the rest is history.

The Page family from Newcastle who had befriended the young Buddy Williams, bought him his famous black Gibson L-00 acoustic guitar which he used on all his recordings during the 1940s. This beautiful guitar was later accidentally destroyed whilst on tour in the late 1940s. Buddy Williams later recalled that he had spent his entire life trying to find a replacement guitar that had the same sound quality of his old Gibson, but he never found a guitar as good as his old original Gibson. Some of the guitars Buddy used during his career included Gibson Hummingbird, Gibson Country and Western, Gibson J-200, and Martin D 28 to list a few.

On 7 September 1939 he recorded six songs for the Regal Zonophone label. More recording sessions followed during the war in 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1945. In September 1939, Australia entered WW2 and Buddy Williams enlisted in the army, many of his recording sessions were done whilst on leave from active service. In the final days of WW2 he was seriously wounded during the battle of Balikpapan (1945) and was not expected to live. He was recommended for the Military Medal and carried the mass of scars from his injuries all his life. In 1948 he also starred in a short film titled "He Chased The Chicken" which featured live performances of two of his recordings, "The Overlander Trail" and "The Chicken Song". The studio versions of these 2 songs had been recorded in 1946. Another live song in the film titled "Dear Little Lady of Mine", was never recorded nor released on record. Buddy was also meant to appear in the 1946 Australian movie "The Overlanders" with Chips Rafferty, but was unable to obtain leave from the army at the time.

After the war was over and he had recovered from his injuries, he set about forming one of the largest ever travelling rodeo tent shows Australia has ever seen. He toured the length and breadth of the country with this road show, being the first Australian entertainer to take a full road show on tour through the Northern Territory and far north Queensland. He blazed the trail for many artists to follow down through the years, visiting the isolated communities in the outback. He eventually wound back his rodeo and tent show after many years and then toured for 11 months of the year every year with the Buddy Williams Variety Show, visiting the isolated towns and communities of the bush preferring to steer clear of the large cities. For this he earned the respect of country Australians and was a special favourite amongst the Aboriginal people who's isolated communities he regularly performed at throughout the outback.

Though Buddy performed mostly in country towns and Outback communities, having once commented that during his long touring career he had performed in just about every country town in Australia, he also performed a small number of shows through the years in major cities. During 1940 he played the Theatre Royal, Sydney alongside Roy Rene and Evie Hayes. He also did an 8-week stint at Brisbane's Theatre Royal. In 1973 he played Sydney's Hordern Pavilion for the UNICEF concert alongside American big name acts such as Tex Ritter and Wanda Jackson. Also in the early 1980s, Buddy did a small number of one off Sydney shows including shows at the "Auburn Baseball Club", the "Seven Hills RSL Club", and a show at the "Star Hotel" in the heart of China Town Sydney where a fan in the audience there to see Buddy perform was famous Australian 50's and 60's Rocker Col Joye.

Buddy suffered the first of 2 massive heart attacks whilst on stage in the late 1970s. During one of these hospital stays, Buddy received a call from a lifelong fan called Bert Newton, who was an Australian Television icon. The pair became firm friends and Buddy would later appear on live Australian TV on the "Bert Newton" show singing his famous song from 1946 called "The Overlander Trail" with just guitar accompaniment.

Despite the constant touring over the years he continued to record right up until he died in 1986. In fact his last recordings were made just months before his death, despite the fact at the time he was very sick with the cancer that would eventually take his life. He was one of the last Australian singers who only used a guitar as accompaniment. His recordings from 1942 through to 1945 are considered by many good judges to be the finest ever recordings of a vocalist and guitarist.

During 1965 he moved over to RCA records where he became a Gold Record recording artist, and recorded a large number of albums, the last album he recorded in 1986 released after his death. In 1977 he was added to the Country Music Roll of Renown along with Tex Morton and Smokey Dawson and in 1980 won the first ever Heritage Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for his song "What A Dreary Old World It Would Be".

In 1978, Buddy Williams was the subject of a documentary titled The Last of the Fair Dinkum Outback Entertainers, narrated by his good mate John Singleton. It had a film crew travel with Buddy during one of his far North Queensland tours. At the time John Singleton was a famous radio station disk jockey and advertising executive. John Singleton would regularly feature Buddy's songs on his radio shows in the late 1970s and early 1980s. John would also become a regular face in the crowd at many of Buddy's shows.

A number of artists have recorded Buddy Williams songs including, Rick and Thel Carey who recorded an album of his songs. The Le Garde Twins who toured with Buddy also recorded a number of his songs, Rex Dallas, Slim Dusty, Nev Nichols, Lindsay Butler and more recently Ashley Cook who recorded a complete album of Buddy's songs.

During the 1970s US country Music superstar Wilf Carter also recorded a number of Buddy Williams songs on an album of Australian songs. A number of tribute songs have been recorded by many artists including John Williamson whose song "The Last of the Pioneers" is a fitting tribute to Buddy and his enormous contribution to Australian music. In the early 1970s he gave a young kid with a big guitar a start in his band. He would end up touring with Buddy for a number of years and was a regular session musician for Buddy down through the years. The young kid was none other than the great Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel.

The Australian Music Industry owes a lot to Buddy Williams, though many modern artists may know little of him or have no idea of the impact he had on their careers by what he did during those early pioneering days of the Australian Recording and Entertainment Industry. Those early pioneering recording sessions at the EMI studios at Homebush in primitive conditions, produced some of the finest singer / guitarist music ever recorded anywhere, timeless recordings that will live on forever. From the hardships he endured through to the personal tragedies he and his family suffered on the road, he continued to take his music to the people no matter where and no matter how isolated the communities were. He opened up many of the touring circuits that are now regular touring routes for not only Country artists but also artists from other styles of music.

Williams died in 1986 and is buried in Brisbane's Lutwyche Cemetery[2] along with his second wife Grace and their daughter Dorita who had died in 1948 after being accidentally run over by a truck driven by one of the rodeo riders in Williams’ show.[1]


PRIVATE RECORDINGS, process disk. NOTE: These were released in the 1990s on the Kingfisher Records label.

circa 1938:

They Call Me The Clarence River Yodeller

Where The Jacarandas Bloom



That Dapple Grey Bronco Of Mine / They Call Me The Rambling Yodeller (G 23854) / Lonesome For You Mother Dear / Give A Little Credit To Your Dad (G 23855)[3] / The Orphan's Lament / My Moonlight Lullaby (G 23856)

14 May 1940:

Happy Jackaroo/ / Dreaming of My Mother (G 24026) / A Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me / Under The Old Wattle Tree (G 24027) / The Australian Bushman's Yodel / There's An Empty Bunk in the Bunkhouse (G 24028)

25 November 1940:

The Shearer's Goodbye / Memories of Home (G 24187) / The Newsboy's Message / Going Home (G 24221) / The Wandering Gambler / Happy Cowboys (G 24326)

14 November 1941:

Headin' For The Warrick Rodeo / Can A Black Sheep Be Forgiven (G 24382) / The Crepe Upon The Little Cabin Door / The Maple on the Hill (G 24409) / When The Candle Lights Are Gleaming ** / Let's Grow Old Together ** (G 24482)

NOTE: ** Duet With Bernie Burnett.

20 November 1941:

The Dying Soldier's Prayer / I'll Be Back Never Fear (G 24506) / The Face On The Bar Room Floor / Wingie The Railway Cop (G 24545) / Down By The Old Beaten Trail / The Australian Hillbilly (G 24554)

18 May 1942:

What A Pal My Mother Might Have Been To Me / Where The White Faced Cattle Roam (G 24596) / My Pretty Quadroon / Wonder Valley (G 24632) / Blazin' The Trail / A Mother's Plea (G 24670)

22 December 1943:

Where The Roly Poly Grass Rolls O'er The Plain / Music In My Pony's Feet (G 24822) / Stockmen In Uniform ** / Sunny Australian Sweetheart ** (G 24851) / Ridin' Home At Sundown / Bushland Of My Dreams (G 24883)

NOTE: ** Duet With Bernie Burnett.

16 March 1945:

Brown Eyed Sweetheart Of Mine ## / The Bushman's Rodeo ## (G 24929) / The Drover's Song / Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along ## (G 24947) / Bushland Paradise ## / Rhythm In The Saddle (G 24963) ##

NOTE: ## Duet With Lenore Miller.

19 September 1946:

The Overlander Trail / Over Hill Top And Hollow (G 25052) / Riding Down The Valley / The Mountain Barbecue (G 25069) / Chain Lightning The Outlaw / The Orphan Boy And His Dog (G 25078)

25 March 1948:

Down The Old Bush Track / Pioneering Days (G25224) / The Stockman And The Outlaw / My Sunny Southern Home (G 25237) / The Chicken Song (G 25218)

23 April 1948:

Eureka (G 25218)

21 September 1950:

Dear Old Aussie Blues / Beneath The Queensland Moon (G 25284) / Riding Down The Wallaby Trail / Always Call Me Darling (G 25286) / My Darling River Rose / Little Jackeroo (G 25287)

18 June 1951:

Wedding Bells / Murrumbidgee Blues ( G 25305 ) / The Black Sheep / Freight Train Blues ( G 25036 ) / I'm Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox / Beyond The Setting Sun ( G 25307 )

30 October 1951:

The Flying Doctor / A Mother As Lovely As You ( G 25305 ) / There's Another Angel In Heaven / Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals / I Can't Stand Sitting In A Cell / Gambling Polka Dot Blues ( G 25342 )


18 November 1952:

Too Old To Cut The Mustard / Back Street Affair ( G 25344 ) / My Mother Must Have Been A Girl Like You / I Love You A Thousand Ways / Christmas Bells / Dear Old Dorrigo ( G 25356 ) / Somebody's Stolen My Honey / Blue Since You've Been Gone ( G 25357 )


Death Of Hank Williams / Missing In Action ( G 25368 ) / Pentridge Jail / Spirit Of Progress ( G 25383 ) / I Can't Forget My Memories / Swagman's Friend ( G 25391 ) / The Old Sundowner / Australia's Kitty Grill


Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship / The Ring ( G 25376 ) / The Blacksheep's Return To The Fold / The Kelly Gang ( G 25387 ) / In Daddy's Footsteps / I'd Rather Have A Pony Than A Girl

22 June 1955:

I've Mortgaged The Farm Again / Sailor Boy / Away Out On The Plain / Ben Hall The Bushranger / Busy Buzzin' Round / A Yellow Dog's Love / There's Sunshine On My Side Of The Street / She Left Me For The Joys Of Gold


It Sure Makes You Wonder, Don't It? / Christmas Boogie / Rocky Roundup Show / Our Wedding / Little Red Bonnet / Kings Cross Boogie / Answer To Missing In Action / The Ringer / Mareeba Rodeo / Poison Darts / Mummy Didn't Tuck Me Into Bed Last Night / Lest We Forget

29 August 1958:

Flynn Of The Inland / My Dream Of Hank And Jimmie / I'll Stroll Down Memory Lane With You / Don't Forget Me Little Darling ( DO – 3988 ) / The Prisoner's Song / On An Ocean Of Broken Dreams / In The Doghouse / Bowlegged Stockman

18 September 1959:

Hank, It Will Never Be The Same Without You / Aren't I Lucky / Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair / Rhythm Of The Roundup / Polling Day / Dave Sands

24 March 1960:

Anybody's Lover / The Nightmare / Christmas Blues / What's The Use ( DO – 4134 ) / The Snowy Mountains / Ten Years

22 September 1960:

Under Western Skies / When The Cactus Is In Bloom / The Panther / The Spice Of Life / My Sleepy Valley Home / Roley


Mother Went A-Walking / Crazy / I Went Home To Mother / Teardrops / Journey's End /

01/12/1962: Gonna Ride Till The Sun Goes Down / Rocking Cowboy / True Friends Are So Few / My Sleepy Valley Home (Recut)

20 May 1963:

Please Light The darkness For Me / Ive Forgotton How To Cry / Snow On The Mountain / Back To Alice Springs / When Jesus Calls / The Cross Of Jesus / The Rules Of Love (not released until 1979) / Horse Teams (not released until 1979)

26 February 1964:

Way Up North / Pal Of My Heart / I'm Moving Out / Pretty Girl / I've Been Around / A Letter To Slim


BUDDY WILLIAMS SINGS JIMMY RODGERS (1962) 330SX 7665. NOTE: This album was re released at a later date under the same name except with different album cover artwork. Columbia OEX 9659.''''

Moonlight And Skies (08/01/1962) / Mother Was A Lady (08/01/1962) / For The Sake Of Days Gone By (08/01/1962) / Gambling Polka Dot Blues (30 October 1951) / Daddy And Home (08/01/1962) / My Old Pal (09/01/1962) / Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea (08/01/1962) / Hobo Bill's Last Ride (09/01/1962) / Mother, The Queen Of My Heart (10/01/1962) / When The Cactus Is In Bloom (22 September 1960) / She Was happy Till She Met You (09/01/1962) / Nobody Knows But Me (09/01/1962)


Where The Roly Poly Grass Rolls O'er The Plain (22 December 1943) / Rhythm In The Saddle ## (16 March 1945) / Music In My Pony's Feet (22 December 1943) / The Flying Doctor (30 October 1951) / Pioneering Days (25 March 1948) / Where The White Faced Cattle Roam (18 May 1942) / The Bushman's Rodeo ## (16 March 1945) / My Sunny Southern Home (25 March 1948) / The Swagman's Friend (3/7/1953) / The Stockman And The Outlaw (25 March 1948) / The Drover's Song (16 March 1045) / The Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me (14 May 1940)

NOTE: ## Duet with Lenore Miller.

The following re release compilation albums were made possible by the use of original 78rpm records, from the collection of record collector and music historian Ray Faulks. He also provided detailed cover notes with a description of each song on the album.


(They Call Me) The Rambling Yodeller (7/9/1939) / Let's Grow Old Together ** (7 July 1941) / The Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me (14 May 1940) / Where The White Faced Cattle Roam (18 May 1942) / The Australian Hillbilly (20 November 1941) / Overlander Trail (13 September 1939) / Music In My Pony's Feet (22 December 1943) / Happy Cowboys (25 November 1940) / Little Red Bonnet (5/10/1956) / I'll Stroll Down Memory Lane With You (29 August 1958) / My Sleepy Valley Home (24 May 1962, not released until May 1978) / The Rules Of Love (20 May 1963, not released until May 1978 due to copyright issues) / Back To Alice Springs (20 May 1963) / Horse Teams (24 May 1962, not released until May 1978 due to copyright issues) /

NOTE: ** Duet with Bernie Burnett.


Happy Jackaroo (14 May 1940) / Brown-Eyed Sweetheart Of Mine ## (16 March 1945) / Dear Old Dorrigo (18 November 1952) / When The Candle Lights Are Gleaming ** (20 November 1941) / Murrumbidgee Blues (18 June 1951) / Down By The Old Beaten Trail (20 November 1941) / Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along ## (16 March 1945) / Riding Home At Sundown (22 December 1943) / Under The Old Wattle Tree (14 May 1040) / Bushland Of My Dreams (22 December 1943) / Beneath The Queensland Moon (21 September 1950) / Sunny Australian Sweetheart ** (22 December 1943) / Little Jackaroo (21 September 1950) / My Moonlight Lullaby (7/9/1939)

NOTE: ** Duet with Bernie Burnett. / ## Duet with Lenore Miller.


Blazin' The Trail (18 May 1942) / Poison Darts (5/10/1956) / The Shearer's Goodbye (25 November 1940) / The Dying Soldier's Prayer (20 November 1941) / The Swagman's Friend (3/7/1953) / Stockmen In Uniform ** (22 December 1943) / The Drover's Song (16 March 1945) / Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo (14 November 1941) / The Spirit Of Progress (3/7/1953) / That Dapple Grey Bronco Of mine (7/9/1939) / Wonder Valley (18 May 1942) / The Flying Doctor (30 October 1951) / Rhythm In The Saddle ## (16 March 1945) / Memories Of Home (25 November 1940)

NOTE: ** Duet with Bernie Burnett. / ## Duet with Lenore Miller.


Lonesome For You Mother Dear (7/9/1939) / The Australian Bushman's Yodel (14 May 1940) / Over Hilltop And Hollow (13 September 1946) / There' Another Angel In Heaven (30 October 1951) / Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship (2/10/1953) / Back Street Affair (18 November 1952) / Where The Roly Poly Grass Rolls O'er The Plain (22 December 1943) / Kings Cross Boogie (5/10/1956) / Christmas Bells (18 November 1952) / The Crepe Upon The Little Cabin Door (14 July 1941) / Our Wedding (5/10/1956) / Freight Train Blues (18 June 1951) / Too Old To Cut The Mustard (18 November 1952) / I'll Be Back Never Fear (20 November 1941)


The Old Sundowner (3/7/1953) / Australia's Kitty Gill (3/7/1953) / Away Out On The Plain (22 June 1955) / A Yellow Dog's Love (22 June 1955) / Mareeba Rodeo (5/10/1956) / Pioneering Days (25 March 1948) / The Wandering Gambler (25 November 1940) / I'd Rather Have A Pony Than A Girl (2/10/1953) / Wingie The Railway Cop (20 November 1941) / The Kelly Gang (2/10/1953) / Bushland Paradise ## (16 March 1945) / The Ringer (5/10/1956) / Chain Lightning The Outlaw (13 September 1946) / Going Home (25 November 1940)

NOTE: ## Duet with Lenore Miller.

To Be Continued.....

A large number of 45 rpm singles and at least two Extended Play 45 rpm E.P.'s were released by EMI over the years, of previously released recordings from 78 rpm Gramaphone records. These were released under the EMI Columbia label.



When The Candle Lights Are Gleaming **(14 November 1941) / Let's Grow Old Together **(14 November 1041) / Wedding Bells (18 June 1951) / Murrumbidgee Blues (18 June 1951)

NOTE: ** Duet with Bernie Burnett.


The Blacksheep's Return To The Fold (2/10/1953) / The Kelly Gang (2/10/1953) / Mareeba Rodeo (5/10/1956) / Poisoned Darts (5/10/1956)

EMI 45 rpm – Special Release: (1981) EMI −601

NOTE: ** This 45rpm single was released by EMI in 1981 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first release of Headin' For The Warwick Rodeo.

Headin'For The Warwick Rodeo (14 November 1941) / The Bushmen's Rodeo (16 March 1945)





BUDDY WILLIAMS REMEMBERS: (19 January 1965) L 101594 NOTE:This album was re released on the RCA Camden label with different album cover artwork as "WHERE THE WHITE FACED CATTLE ROAM": (1974) VCL 1-0033 STEREO.

That Dapple Grey Bronco Of Mine / The Orphan Boy And His Dog / Music In My Pony's Feet / Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along / Where The White Faced Cattle Roam / Brown Eyed Sweetheart Of Mine / Little Red Bonnet / The Flying Doctor / Chain Lightning The Outlaw / Poison Darts / I'll Stroll Down Memory Lane With You / The Overlander Trail

FAMILY AFFAIR: (19 January 1966) L 101693

The Blue Velvet Band / Old Shep / The Silvery Moonlight Trail / Missing In Action / Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship / Twenty Miles To Nowhere

BUDDY WILLIAMS REMEMBERS VOL:2: (1967) L 101786 NOTE: This album was re released on the RCA Camden label with different album cover artwork as "HEADIN' FOR THE WARWICK RODEO": (1974) VCM 1-0037.

The Warwick Rodeo / The Dying Soldier's Prayer / The Shearer's Goodbye / Under The Old Wattle Tree / The Old Sundowner / The Maple On The Hill / I'll Be Back Never Fear / I've Mortgaged The farm Again / My Sunny Southern Home / Happy Cowboys / There's An Empty Bunk In The Bunkhouse / Way Out On The Plains

WILLIAMS FAMILY: (1968) SL 101801

The Road Train Driver's Song / Satisfied Mind / The Lonely Boundary Rider / He Rode The Strawberry Roan / The Soldier's Sweetheart / The Wanderer's Curse

'SONGS OF THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK: (1967) RDS-26-9. NOTE: Re recorded for a boxed set issue for Reader's Digest "Country And Western Music Jamboree". This boxed set contained 10 albums, this album being number 9 in the boxed set. '''

Where The White Faced Cattle Roam / Les Dingo / Lofty / My Pal Alcohol / Game As Ned Kelly / Sweeney / Little Boy Lost / Mandrake / Billy Brink The Shearer / Beautiful Queensland / Pub With No Beer / When The Rain Tumbles Down In July

BUDDY SINGS HANK: (1968) SL 101820 ' ''''''''NOTE: This album was re released under the RCA Camden label as "Help Me Understand" (1979) RCA CAMS −193 Stereo. The album also had different album cover artwork.'''''' If You've Got The Money / Jambalaya / Be Careful Of stones That You Throw / Hey Good Lookin' / I Dreamed About Mamma Last Night / I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / Your Cheating Heart / Wedding Bells / Help Me Understand / Take These Chains From My Heart / Kaw Liga

A FAMILY AFFAIR: (1968) SL 101827

Sunny Southern Home / Rocking Cowboy / The Bushman's Rodeo / Where The Sun Seldom Shines / Gonna Ride Till The Sun Goes Down / Wagon Wheels

THE COWBOY'S LIFE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME: (1969) SL 101847 NOTE: This album was re released under the RCA Camden Special Series label (1972) Stereo OCMS – 180, with the same album name but with minor changes to the rear album cover artwork.

Where The Roly Poly Grass Rolss O'er The Plain / Riding Home At Sundown / Mad Sam Fuller / The Australian Hillbilly / Pioneering Days / The Bushman's Rodeo / Riding Down The Valley / Sounds Of The Bush At Night / The Cowboy's Life Is Good Enough For Me / The Sad Eyed Zebu Steer / Backbone Of The Land / Rocking Cowboy


The Maple On The Hill / The Crepe Upon The Little Cabin Door / Big River / Whisper Your Mothers Name / Mt Pretty Quadroon / The Blame Could Be On You / Heartaches For A Wife / She Was Happy Till She Met You / Teardrops / What Good Is The Sunshine / Heartaches And Tears / My Old Pal

BUDDY AND SHORTY: (1970) SL 101899. NOTE: This album was re released with different album cover artwork as "The Big Banana Land" (1973), with two versions RCA Camden CAMS – 186 and RCA VAL 1 0723. ''

The Big Banana Land / Jacaranda Blue / The Toy Telephone / The Buggy And Pair / Sugar Cane Country / Who Can Make A Flower / The Little Banana Boy / The Echo Mountain Song / White Backed Swallows / The Blue Mountains Of The Macleay / The Old South Wind / The Hilss Of Old Hickeys.

HARD TIMES: (1971) SL 101900

Big Flat Top Guitar / Hard Times / Country Bumpkin / Pretty Nellie / The Drought / The Big Road / That's Me Game / Four Sons / Bega Valley / Don't Quit / Just Across The River / A Soldier's Dream

ALONG THE OUTBACK TRACKS: (1972) SL 102061 NOTE: This album was re released under the RCA Camden label with slightly different album cover artwork, the front cover was the same as the original release, but the rear cover was slightly different. It was re released under the same album name in 1978, VCL 1–7356.

Back O' Bourke / The Fighting Jackaroo / Namatjira Sleeps / Mother's Old Wedding Ring / The Modern Stockman / The Story Of Gertrude's Grave / My Hunter River Valley Home / Nana's Gone / Bushland Blues / Toy Telephone Prayer / The Drought Song / My Land Australia

AUSSIE ON MY MIND: (1972) MSL 102227. NOTE: This album was re released under the same name (1977) RCA VAL 1-0138 PURE GOLD. The cover artwork was slightly different on the rear cover.

Big One / Aussie On My Mind / Farewell Wally / Just A Name On The Wall / The Land Where Whitey's Gone / Let's Grow Old Together / Waitin' For A Train / Another Broken Heart On Lonely Street / The Pill / The Bogged Bullock / Snow On The Mountain / Stockmates

COUNTRY TOUCH: (1975) VPL1 0055

The Knockabout / Country Touch / Don't Put Any Flowers On My Grave / The Condamine Bell / My Queensland Texas Rose / The Bushman And The Redback / Make Yourself At Home / When We Lived On The Farm / The Ghan To Alice Springs / The Farmer And The Drought / The Tail End Of A Spree / The Blackstump Legend


Getting Away From It All / Hittin' The Road Again / Rough Road To Darwin / When The Brumbies Come To Water / Bill Allen / Native People's Polka / The Camden Train / My Alice Springs Home / The Days Of The Bullock Drays / The Byro Plains / Lets Ride At The Rodeo / Bush Selection Days

THANKS TO YOU: (1975) VPL1 0089

Camden Waters / Thanks To You / The Donkey Vote / The Lord Only Knows / I've Held An Angel's Hand / The Wreck Of The Tasman Bridge / 35 Wonderful Years / Where The Pretty Yellow Wattle Grows / Blue Melody / The House On The Hill / Who Am I / Two Red Apples


The Old Fashioned Homestead / Buddy Williams At The Opera House / The Mighty Moonbi Range / The Letter Edged In Black / You'll Only Have One Mother / Trial Bay Gaol / The Happiest Days Of My life / My Desert Rose / It's Amazing / Somebody's Mother / Don't Go Away / The Ballad Of The Blue Mountains

FARMING'77: (1977) VPL1 0151

Farming' 77 / I Wouldn't Swap Old Pete For A Rolls / The Chicken's Last Walk To The Wood Heap / Scent Of Gum And Wattle / It's A Big Country, Australia / How Dooley Skipped The Rope / Special Mother / Dogger Dan / Those Good Old Friends Of Mine / When The Apple Picking Starts / Big Country / We'll Be Shearing In A Week


Wingie The Railway Cop / Johnny's Gone Trucking / Spirit Of Progress / A Truckie's Story / Freight Train Yodel / Interstate Liner / Freight Train Blues / Tornado Tim The Truckie / On The Gundagai Line / Queensland Billy / The Ghan To Alice Springs / High Powered Drover

RAMBLIN' ROUND: (1979) VPL1 0150

The Hills Around My Home / You Can Have It / Beyond The Setting Sun / Spring Wattle Waltz / Ramblin' Round / Wagon Train / Smokey Mountain / I'll Be Home For Christmas / Voices In The Wilderness / Under The Old Southern Cross / The Dying Mother's Prayer / The World We Live In

WONDER VALLEY: (1980) VAL1 0312

Wonder Valley / It's All Over Now Over You / Prisoner's Song / Christmas Time In Tamworth / East Side West Side / Chilly Chilly Winds / Down By The Old Beaten Trail / Sunshine Of Life / Stockmen In Uniform / Sunny Australian Sweetheart / There's Another In My Place / Crazy Heart


An Old Hillbilly From Way Back / Pretty Blue Ribbons / The River's Coming Up / The Midnight Flyer / Dear Old Doctor Mum / A Bushman Growing Old / Highway Man / The Ass / The Stock Camp Cook / When Harry Drove The Horseteam / Dreaming Of you Again / Don't Do That To Me

A MAN AND HIS GUITAR: (1982) VAL1 0367

A Man And His Guitar / The Drought Of Forty Six / Down Where The Weeping Willows Grow / The Reasons Why / The Cunnamulla Fella's Wedding / A Room Full Of Old Gold Records / Rocking In A Rocket Ship / Driving Down The Putty / I'll Never Ever Hold Your Love / My Kimberley Home / The Ballad Of Charlie Fletcher / I've Loved And Lost


A Breath Of Country Air / Things I Treasured Most / Only A Bushman Would Know / The heart Of The Golden West / The Drover's Days Are Over / Timber Country / The Overland Corner Song / The Scrub Bull / Oh What A Beautiful Day / Seven Years Is A Big Price To Pay / Take The World By The Tail / Big Rigs And Country Music


Back To Those Rolling Plains / Over Hilltop And Hollow / Camooweal / Suvla Bay / Highway Man / Mother The Queen Of My Heart / By A Fire Of Gidgee Coals / Blue Velvet Band / Wild River / The Overlander Trail / Wedding Bells / The Big Banana Land / Missing In Action / Where The White Faced Cattle Roam / Old Shep / Our Milk And Honey Land /

TAKE MY HAND: (1985) VAL1 0492

The Big White Volvo / Misery Needs Company / (It Looks Like) I've Missed Out Again / The Dog Who Is Guarding The Gate / Four Brothers / E.T.Goes Home / Top Town Of The North / Take My Hand / The Weight Watchers Club / The Home Town Hero / Wait, Wait, Wait / Dingo

HOW'S YOUR MEMORY: (1986) VPL1 0623

How's Your Memory / Fading Fast Away / Old Wallarawang / Dave Sands / Journey's End / The Kelly Gang / Pioneering Days / Way Up North / Flynn Of The Inland / The Wonderful Soupstone / Ben Hall The Bushranger / The Engineers Don't Wave From The Trains

THE BUSHLAND THAT I LOVE: (1986) VPL1 0635 Note: This album recorded in June 1986, was released after Buddy Williams had died.

The Bushland That I love / My Girl Of Yesterday / Our Sweetest Little Girl / Two Initials / The Things That Matter Most / Unemployment Blues / Bigger Than Biggenden / Take Me Back To Tamworth / I Like A Glass Of Beer / Down In The Huon Valley / The Lowest Scum On Earth


CATTLE TRAIN: (1966) RCA 20390

Cattle Train / My Homestead In The Pines / Jim / How Unlucky Can You Be


Riding That Old North Queensland Line / It's All Over Town / Suzanna From Kiama / That's My Country

BUDDY"S COUNTRY: (1983) TEP 0424 12" E.P.

Dingo / Over The Valley / Where The White Faced Cattle Roam

To Be Continued....


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