Budic II of Brittany

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Budic II (Medieval Latin: Budicius; Welsh: Budig or Buddig; c. 460 – c. 550), formerly known as Budick, was a king of Armorica in Brittany in the early 6th century.

Born in Cornouaille to Cybydan, a member of one of the royal families, Budic is said to have been expelled and fled to the court of King Aircol Lawhir of Dyfed, where he wed Arianwedd, the daughter of Saint Issel and the sister of Saint Teilo. At some point, he returned to Cornouaille to claim the Breton throne, later joined by Saint Teilo whom he reputedly persuaded to rid the area of a terrible dragon that had been terrorising the countryside.[1] Teilo was able to subdue the beast and tied it to a rock in the sea. Some sources claim he died in 545.[citation needed] However, this contradicts other sources which claim that Saint Teilo had fled to France in 549 to escape the Yellow Plague of Rhos and had spent time in Brittany in Budic's company.[2]

Arthurian legend[edit]

He reputedly married the sister of King Arthur for some time, fleeing to Britain with his father after his cousin's usurpation of the Breton throne.[citation needed]


Three of Budic's sons by his Welsh wife were revered as saints by the medieval Welsh church: St. Ismael bishop of Meneva and Rhos, Euddogwy bishop of Llandaff, and Tyfei a martyr.

Another son unlisted in the Welsh sources, Hoel I Mawr (the Great), co-ruled with him during his later years.[citation needed]

One of his daughters, St Gwen Teirbron, was the mother of Saints Wethnoc (or Guithern or Gwethenoc) and Iacob (Jacut) were twins, and Saint Winwaloe.[3]


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