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Budivoj, Buthue, or Butue (Polish Budziwoj) (died 1075) was the eldest son of Gottschalk, an Obotrite prince, by a mistress. He allied with the Dukes of Saxony in order to recover the power and position of his father, lost since Gottschalk's death (1066) to the pagan Kruto.

Meaning of the name[edit]

Budivoj or Budziwoj is an old Slavic name popular among West Slavs cognate with the Slavic word for budi (Polish budzić, Czech budit) means "awake" and "woj" or "wój" means "warrior". Thus the name has meaning "He who awakens warriors".


In 1075, Budivoj was led into a trap at Plune by Kruto and killed. According to Helmold, Pribislav was probably his son. Budivoj was praised by contemporaries and later writers for his hospitality and Christianity. Budivoj's younger brother Henry eventually avenged Gottschalk's death and took over the Abodrite lands.