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A "Bud girl" at a Canadian sporting event

The Budweiser girls (or Bud girls) are women models promoting Budweiser beer for Anheuser-Busch. The first Budweiser girl was in 1883.[1]

At various times the company featured Budweiser girls in television and print advertisements, and hired local models to visit bars in costume for in-person promotions. Throughout their history the Bud Girls have been attractive but cleancut. "A Bud Girl doesn’t smoke, swear, use drugs or have tattoos, non-ear piercings or a criminal record."[2] During the 1990s Anheuser-Busch distributors hired college girls to promote Budweiser on campus and to college bars.[2]


In 1990s, Budweiser girls appeared in Japanese TV commercials working as waitresses in beer gardens. Then Anna Umemiya appeared as a Bud girl, and the idea became more popular. Ayako Moriguchi was the first Bud girl to appear in print ads. You can buy Budweiser girl costumes in Cosplay shops. Also beer garden waitresses and hostesses will sometimes dress as Bud girls.