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Buel[1] Eldridge Hutchinson (November 26, 1826 – March 10, 1903)[2][3] was an American politician and lawyer.

Born in Jefferson County, New York, he was educated at Potsdam Academy. In 1848 he moved to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin and was admitted to the Wisconsin bar in 1854. He served in the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1856 and 1878 and in the Wisconsin State Senate in 1860-1861. He also served as district attorney of Crawford County, Wisconsin. During the American Civil War, Hutchinson served in the Union Army in the commissary. He moved to Madison, Wisconsin where he served in the Wisconsin State Assembly for the second time. In 1882-1886, Hutchinson served as receiver of the United States Land Office in Aberdeen, Dakota Territory. In 1901, Hutchinson moved to Chicago, Illinois where he died on March 10, 1902.[4][5]


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