Buena Vista Social Club (film)

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Buena Vista Social Club
Directed by Wim Wenders
Produced by Rosa Bosch
Ulrich Felsberg
Deepak Nayar
Written by Wim Wenders
Starring Luis Barzaga
Joachim Cooder
Ry Cooder
Juan de Marcos González
Julio Alberto Fernández
Ibrahim Ferrer
Carlos González
Rubén González
Salvador Repilado Labrada
Pío Leyva
Manuel "Puntillita" Licea
Orlando "Cachaito" López
Benito Suárez Magana
Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal
Eliades Ochoa
Omara Portuondo
Julienne Oviedo Sánchez
Compay Segundo
Barbarito Torres
Alberto 'Virgilio' Valdés
Amadito Valdés
Lázaro Villa
Edited by Monica Anderson
Brian Johnson
Distributed by Axiom Films (UK and Ireland)
Release date(s) 17 February 1999 (Berlin International Film Festival)
Running time 105 min.
Country Germany
United States
United Kingdom
Language English / Spanish

Buena Vista Social Club (1999) is a documentary film by Wim Wenders about the music of Cuba. It is named for a danzón that became the title piece of the album Buena Vista Social Club.


The film documents how Ry Cooder, long-time friend of Wenders, brought together legendary Cuban musicians to record an album (also called Buena Vista Social Club), and to perform a concert in the United States. Although they are geographically close, travel between Cuba and the United States is restricted due to the political tension between the two countries, so many of the artists were travelling there for the first time. The film shows their reactions to this experience, as well as including footage of the resultant sell-out concert. It also includes interviews with each of the main performers.


The film helped the musicians, some of them already in their nineties, become known to a worldwide audience, with some going on to release popular solo albums. These included Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Rubén González and Elíades Ochoa. The latter went on to support younger musicians making the same style of music beyond 2010 under the name "Buena Vista Social Club".


The film was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary feature in 2000.[1] It won as best documentary in the European Film Awards as well as many others. The album Buena Vista Social Club features studio versions of the music heard in the movie.

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