Bueng Boraphet

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Bueng Boraphet
Fishing on Bueng Boraphet.jpg
Fishing on Bueng Boraphet
Location Central Thailand
Coordinates 15°41′N 100°15′E / 15.683°N 100.250°E / 15.683; 100.250Coordinates: 15°41′N 100°15′E / 15.683°N 100.250°E / 15.683; 100.250
Basin countries Thailand
Surface area 224 km²
Islands 2

Bueng Boraphet (Thai: บึงบอระเพ็ด, pronounced [bɯŋ bɔːra.pʰét]) is the largest freshwater swamp and lake in central Thailand. It covers an area of 224 km² east of Nakhon Sawan, south of the Nan River close to its confluence with the Ping River.

Originally the area was covered by a large swamp, which was flooded in 1930 with the building of a dam to improve fishing.

This is the only known site for the White-eyed River Martin which used to winter there, but has not been seen since 1980, and may be extinct.[1]

106 km² of lake have been declared as a non-hunting area in 1975. In 2000 it was also declared as a wetland of international importance by the Thai government.[2]


The purple swamphen is one of a multitude of bird species that inhabit this lake
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