Buffalo River (KwaZulu-Natal)

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Coordinates: 28°44′32″S 30°26′25″E / 28.74222°S 30.44028°E / -28.74222; 30.44028
Buffalo River (Mzinyathi)
Country South Africa
State KwaZulu-Natal
Source Near Majuba Hill
 - location Drakensberg
 - location Tugela River
 - coordinates 28°44′32″S 30°26′25″E / 28.74222°S 30.44028°E / -28.74222; 30.44028
Location of the Buffalo River's mouth

The Buffalo River or Mzinyathi (Zulu: uMzinyathi; Afrikaans: Buffelsrivier) is the largest tributary of the Thukela River (Tugela River) in South Africa. Its source is in Majuba Hill, "Hill of Doves" in Zulu language, located northeast of Volksrust, close to the Mpumalanga / KwaZulu-Natal border. It follows a southerly route into KwaZulu-Natal past Newcastle then turns southeast past Rorke's Drift, before joining the Tugela River (Thukela)[1] at Ngubevu near Nkandla. During the nineteenth century it formed part of the boundary between the Colony of Natal and Zululand.

The Buffalo River has a number of tributaries, including the Ingagani from the SW and the Blood River from the NE, which it joins near Kandi Mountain.[2] Rorke's Drift is a ford across the Buffalo River which is one of the famous places of the 1878-79 Anglo-Zulu War and Isandhlwana is another important place of that war located about 20 km SE of the river, not far from the confluence with the Tugela.[3]

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