Buffalo Wings (inline hockey)

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Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings.jpg
City Amherst, New York
Founded 1994
Home arena

Marine Midland Arena
Buffalo State Ice Arena

Amherst Ice Center
Colors Black, jade, dark blue, silver, white
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Franchise history
1994–1995 Phoenix Cobras
1996 Empire State Cobras
1997–present Buffalo Wings

The Buffalo Wings are an inline hockey team, playing in Major League Roller Hockey, that is based in the city of Buffalo, NY.


The Buffalo Wings franchise was originally the Phoenix Cobras from 1994 to 1995, and the Empire State Cobras in 1996.

The 1996 Cobras consisted of former Buffalo Stampede players who joined the team after their franchise folded following the 1995 Roller Hockey International season.

Following the demise of Roller Hockey International, the organization continues to exist to this day as a youth hockey development organization. The professional team has been revived at least once (in 2004) in the Professional Inline Hockey Association.

The Wings were announced as one of the six teams participating in the 2008 Major League Roller Hockey Pro Tour.


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