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A view of Buffer Zone

Buffer Zone (Urdu: بفر ذون ‎) is one of the neighbourhoods of North Nazimabad Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, namely it's UC9.[1] It receives its name by the fact that it acts as a 'buffer' between the towns of North Karachi and North Nazimabad. As such it's probably most famous landmark is the DC Office Central at the Sakhi Hasan-people's Chowrangi road.

Buffer Zone comprises 6 sectors, starting from Sector 15-A/1 to 15-A/5, 15-B and 16/A. Buffer Zone makes the large part of Karachi and has a wide population (though it has not been estimated). The population in Buffer Zone is middle-class families. Thus most plots of land are either rated R (120yards) or A (240 yards). It's commercial sector is entirely dependent on residential lands which it rents on a monthly basis. Most people work in offices and almost all children go to schools.

The office of Pakistan's No.1 Engineering Magazine, 'Engineering & Industrial Review', Pakistan Edition, is located in EIR HOUSE, consisted of three floors, R-156, Sector 15-A/4, Buffer zone, Karachi-75850, Pakistan.

There are many small businesses in Buffer Zone including the famous "Ali Decoration", "Delight Bakers", "Light Bakers", "Qureshi Milk", "Cafe Zubaida", Al Habib Pakwan, and many more . This sector has a large market for cattle and bird food.

Famous places[edit]

The most famous and historical place in Buffer Zone is 7-C's last stop. "7-C" is a local transportation bus number that claims to be the oldest route of Karachi. Other notable places are Erum Shopping Emporium I and II, Haroon Shopping Centre, Serena Towers,"Khan House" and D.C. Office. Serena Towers in Buffer Zone is the second largest mobile market in Karachi. Famous shops are M.D. Super Store, Ezan Mart, M. Mart, Altaf Kabab wala, Madni Pakwan center, Mango Studio, A.A Pakwan & Fast Food Centre .

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