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Directed by Emilio Fernández
Produced by Felipe Subervielle
Written by Emilio Fernández
Mauricio Magdaleno
Starring Dolores del Río
Pedro Armendáriz
Julio Villarreal
Music by Raúl Lavista
Cinematography Gabriel Figueroa
Edited by Gloria Schoemann
Distributed by Films Mundiales
Running time 105 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Bugambilia ("Bougainvillea") is a Mexican movie of 1945 directed by Emilio Fernández and starring Dolores del Río and Pedro Armendáriz.


In the Mexican city of Guanajuato, in the 1800s, the young and beautiful Amalia de los Robles (Dolores del Río) there wakes up the passion of all the men of the region, what provokes the fury of his widower father, Don Fernando (Julio Villarreal) that feels for his own daughter a kind of obsession, since he sees in she the face of his dead wife. But Amalia falls in love with the smart Ricardo (Pedro Armendáriz), but the circumstances prevent them from being united.


The plot of the movie was inspired by the Rodolfo Usigli's poem The Bugambilia, that the writer dedicated to Dolores del Rio. The movie was considered the Mexican version of the American film Wuthering Heights (directed by William Wyler). The film paused the important collaboration of Dolores del Río with Emilio Fernández that had lasted 3 years.

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