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BUGTI بگٹی
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Bugti Balochi Gujarati
Islam and Hindu minority
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Baloch people

Bugti (Balochi: بگٹی), is a Baloch tribe, they inhabit the region of Dera Bugti. They are divided in to six clans as following 1. Rahija 2. Massoori 3. Kalper 4. Perozani 5. Shambani 6. Nothani 7 th mondrani was actually a sub clan of Kalper but declared a separate clan by then nawab late muhammad akbar khan bugti


The language of the Bugti people is Balochi, which is widely spoken in Balochistan and some parts of Punjab and Sindh as well.


The area of Dera Bugti is situated in a hill range, comprising the tribal tract known as Bugti area. They are situated in a westward continuation of the Sulaimān Range, pointing towards the Quetta node. The area these nomadic Bugtis inhabit is barren. Bugtis occupy the hills to the east of the Sind-Peshin railway, between Jacobabad and Sibi. Karez for irrigation is a common practice.

Tribes and chiefs[edit]

The Bugti chiefs are now exiled by the Pakistan Army for their acts against the state and general population of Dera Bugti. Local waderas are ruling the area under the Pakistan Army. They committed grave sins against their own tribes men. Close relatives of Akbar Bugti were involved in kidnapping and mass extortions. They killed many innocent people on the Indus Highway in Rojhan, Rajanpur District.

Further reading[edit]

Lawlessness still exists in that part of Balochistan. Measures are being taken to control this. Majority of bugti folk are pro Pakistan and have no issues with the Government.