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BEXEL Consulting - Building Explorer
Developer(s) BEXEL Consulting
Type Building information modeling Virtual design and construction

Building Explorer is an in-house software product for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, developed and used by BEXEL Consulting. It implements the BIM methodology using advanced software technology and algorithms to do various analyses and tracking and aid construction projects from the early design stages to construction and operation stages.

Building Explorer offers a full range of BIM analyses - from 3D walk-through and visualizations, collision detection and design review, visual code checking and color coding of elements, over detailed quantity takeoffs from the BIM model, 4D and 5D scheduling and cost simulations and analyses, progress tracking, productivity and planned vs. actual analyses, to 6D facility maintenance scheduling and tracking.[1][2] The entire construction project is thus built virtually, before construction has started, as many times and with as many variations to optimize the project and satisfy the needs and requirements of owners, designers, contractors, project managers and all other stakeholders.[3]

For a more detailed overview of the services provided using Building Explorer visit Bexel Consulting.

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