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Developer(s) BEXEL Consulting / EZ Build
Operating system Windows
Type Building Information Modeling

BuildingExplorer is a software product for the AEC industry, developed and marketed by BEXEL Consulting / EZ Build


Building Explorer is Building Information Modeling. Building Explorer is a cost estimating software for Microsoft Windows that improves cost predictions of building information models by automating the entire virtual model estimating process.

How it works[edit]

Using the IFC based standard for defining object properties, Quantity Takeoff Explorer produces all quantities related to the objects contained in the model. Quantity Takeoff Explorer calculates the quantities based on objects types and IFC defined dimensions.

Cost Explorer eliminates manual measurement/calculations and thus reduces the risk for over/underestimating; furthermore, by helping an estimating expert to visualize objects, analyze quantities, and understand the details of the design model (without learning 3D CAD), the 3D interactive functionalities of the user interface allows the design/estimating expert to price entire building models with greater precision in less than 5 minutes.

Built in scheduling engine produces MS Project schedule reports based on the building elements contained in the Revit Model. As long as the Revit model objects contain assigned assembly codes and keynotes Building Explorer engine produces rough schedules which users are able to refine in MS Project.

This scheduling module also allows the user to see how their Revit building will be built in 5D (3D + Time + Cost).

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